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7 Jul, 03 > 13 Jul, 03
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Dj's Un-Eventful Lyfe

Thursday, 10 July 2003

I'm crazy and you've just walked into a Hannibal Lector demension..Enjoi
I'M GOING TO DO MY RAIN DANCE TO MAKE THE RAIN STOP!! I like the rain in all but this shit is getting on my nerves. So yeah I went to my school website, to check up on the renovations and it looks okay, i mean the fuck back and side walls of the cafe are like glass, but renovations aren't going to be done until after I graduate, and I graduate this year, well in '04..represent..that was a bit of dork-dom coming out. Yeah..i'm kind of nervous about that, graduating from high school..going into the real world. I'm not that because I have this plan worked out and if it doesn't I swear up and down, I'm becoming a bum or either working a gieco and then getting all the money i need to go to bartending school. Yup, I'm going ot bartending school, becoming a professional bartender for awhile and then, when i've got enough money, i'm opening a coffee shop up in boston or florida...somewhere on the east coast. So yeah, that's how i want my life to turn out, but my first obstacle is graduating. My sleeping habits have got to be the worst in the world..i mean last night, i satyed up all night and then I went sleep at noon. I'm going to do some laundry here in a second. So, I'm going to go..later.


Posted by va3/smurfs at 10:19 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 9 July 2003

My lyfe is a big wad shit...and you've just stepped in it...HA!
So yeah, it's another day. Yesterday, I got a letter from my friend Nikki, who's in the Navy, of all things. Somehow, that ended up having to email her, i email her everyday, but I was being descriptive in my love situations. So yeah, as we all know, i can't go through with asking a girl out becuase the first time i did it, i got burned and my heart got broke fucking sucked ass. I think this is the main reason why I haven't had a girlfriend in awhile. TOMB RAIDER II COMES OUT IN 15 DAYZ!!!! I have the biggest thing for Angelina Jolie..those eyes, and those lips..just to much. So i'm going to see the movie even if it kills me to get there. My friend Ashley's sister, is also an A.J. fan. Now this, is leading up to something, see, i have a thing for Ashley's sister. I only start feeling this way when i know she's coming down. She's hot and everything, great personality, but i just act really weird around her...i get really quite around her. I have two major problems with this and that is she is ten years older than me and plus she's my best friend's sister...THERE'S A LAW OUT THERE ABOUT THAT SOMEWHERE! So Ashley's siter is supposed to come down sometime soon and if she comes down around the time Tomb Raider II comes out we're all going to go see it together. Which means, I'll act all quite, and i won't smoke becuz I'll be too worried if she judging me in her head or something. I dunno, and then how am I suppose to act when i'm checking out girls?(It's a hobby for me) How am i supposed to act during the movie? Hello...this is Angelina Jolie we're talking about.MAJOR DROOL FACTOR! I might be stressing over nothing she might not come until next week or the week after Tomb Raider comes out. I dunno, I'm on edge right now. Moving on, i'm kind of confused right now, becuase I'm watching "All My Children" and i'm not the world's biggest soap fan, but anyways, Bianca, gets raped by Micheal Cambias..or i think she does and then tomorrow's episode, she's meeting up with Micheal at some place, or maybe she ran into Micheal and like the scum he is he's just trying to exploit her or something..either way, I'm confused. I don't have anything else to say..I might go update my web page or something..anywayz, later.


My pickup line is:
Hi, I find you very attractive.

Want my number?
what's your pickup line?
| hey, baby.

Posted by va3/smurfs at 10:21 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 10 July 2003 12:50 AM EDT
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Sunday, 6 July 2003

So uh..hi and welcome to the first entry of my blog. What the hell exactly is a blog? I know it an on-line journal of sorts,but why call it a blog? So yeah name's Dj and sure. This first entry is mostly intoduction I mean c'mon, I know nothing about me and you know nothing about me..see, we've got alot in common. i'll have to finish this later, my mom has to do her avon. yes your local people that bring you fine cosmetics and other living wear, or nessceties of life. be back later. I'm back, my sister is mad at me cuz i'm doing this and she can't play her reject game. Now, she's listening to gospel. Anyways, before i had to get off, my friend Rachel was on and for some odd reason we only talk to each other twice a week, sometimes once a week. See, it's kind of hard to see if you have something with somebody if you don't talk to them very often, but its okay, i've learned to live with it all. Lately, i've been wondering if i should give her my number becuz well we don't talk that often on the net and plus she lives close by so its not like it's long distance. Girls are confusing, especially when you're a girl who likes girls. Oh, i must have left it out, i'm a lesbian, and i like girls. Anyways, back to my problems. Funny thing happened to me this weekend, my cousin called and she wanted to know if her friends daughter had talked to me about being her being gay. First of all, i'm not even out to her second of all, you just don't ask me that becuz well, i have or had, it's confusing but i had a crush on her so yeah. It's just weird, some days, i'll like a girl based on her looks, next day , i like a girl based on her personality and then the next day, i'll just like girl just because i can. To be honest, i like a girl with some depth and who isn't to serious and can tell when i'm being an idiot and tell me when i'm being annoying. Then again, i want a girl that i can have sex with and have no strings laymen's terms, i wan to have a couple of fuck buddies, but that would all change once i'd decide to have a serious girlfriend. I dunno..but this is it. Tomorrow's will be just as boring so TTFN.


Posted by va3/smurfs at 10:29 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, 7 July 2003 12:26 AM EDT
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