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Writings On My Mind...Pg. 2
Writings On My Mind(cont'd)

The next two poems, are
poems that express my suicidal
thoughts and about when I cut myself.
Very depressing, but I hope
you enjoy them.

Bob Marley

"If I Went Through With It"

I slide the knife against my skin.
The blade cuts through.
I await the moment for it to heal my pain.
I see the blood and I stop.

What stops me?

Is it family?
No. They never showed enough love for me to stop.
Is it friends?
No. They say they care,
but who knows when they will leave.
Friends aren't forever.
Is it love?
I've felt love, but never have been loved back.
So it isn't love. It never will be.

Then what is it?

I continue on with my path of destruction.
I become numb to the pain.
Things go black.
I fall to the floor.
I am dead.
That's what would have happened if I went through with it.

Jimi Hendrix

"The Scar On My Forearm"

The scar on my forearm.
What does it represent?
What does it still mean?
Will it happen again?

It represents the dark place I always go when things are bad.
It represents the time when I wanted to end it all.
It reperesents how far I will go.
It represents the pain that brought me to that place.

It mean it can happen again.
It means I need help.
It means I could kill myself.
It means I'm in pain.

The pain that brought me there will bring me back again.
It'll happen again.
It's happening now.
It's such a dark, dark place.

It's the scar on my forearm.

The next four poems are about sex and AIDS.
I am huge advocate for better sex
education and I really don't
like abstinence-only programs as an alternative
for sex ed. Our local and
federal governments don't see that,
but that's okay, it'll bite
them in the ass one day.

Safe Sex


Sex is great.
Sex is fun.
Sex is dangerous.
You've done it once.
You've done it twice.
You didn't think nothing of it.
You thought you were safe.
You thought you were protected.
Little did you know, you weren't.
You ended up pregnant.
You ended up sick.
You ended up dead.
Check twice to be safe.
Don't forget to ask.
Don't think, make sure.
Be safe about sex and you want have to suffer the...

"The Scare"

You're sitting,
Time moves slowly.

You slipped-up,
three times,
You're scared.

You knew the consequences.
Why didn't you ask?
Why didn't you stop?

The doctor comes out.
Time stops.
He tells you the results.
Time stands still...

You're lucky.
You could have had HIV.
You could have had an STD.
You could have been pregnant.
Time moves on.

Prevent AIDS picture

"Four Letter Word"

AIDS is a four letter word.
A four letter word that can kill 4 million people.

AIDS is a four letter word.
A four letter word that can effect everyone.

AIDS is a four letter word.
A four letter word that can kill innocent children.

AIDS is a four letter word.
A four letter word that can
wipeout an entire nation.

AIDS is a four letter word.
A four letter word that is not understood.

AIDS is a four letter word.
A four letter word that is feared by the world.

AIDS is a four letter word.



A brutal crime is being commited.
A crime that no one sees coming.
A murderer so ruthless.
A murderer so vicious.
A murderer that can't be stopped.

This killer kills the young and old.
Poor and Rich,
Women and Men,
Black and White,
Gay and Straight.
This killer can kill you.

This killer can hide for years,
or hours.
No on knows when the killer will strike.

This killer is AIDS

Help stop the spread of this vicious killer.

The next poem is about two chicks
that are in love, and about how
society gawks them. People, acceptance
will not kill you. Everyone has the
right to love whoever
they want.

Kissing Chicks

"Their World"

Two girls living in a crazy world.
What they have, people don't understand.
The happiness they have, no one will know.

People look as they walk hand in hand.
People whisper when they laugh for no reason.
People won't understand and they never will.

The whispers don't phase them.
The looks they ignore.
She loves her and so it goes vice versa., it makes the world
go round. Here are some poems about
love, dream girls, and anything else that
gives you that warm fuzzy feeling,
and it gives me a chance
to show off some sexy and funny
pics of my number one
interest(hint: it's not cheese)

Angelina Jolie..*drools*

"Blue-Eyed Girl"

She smiles
She frowns
She lights up my world
How I feel for her will never fail
She's my blue-eyed girl

She knows my pain
She knows my brain
She makes me laugh
I make her smile even when she's mad
She's my blue-eyed girl

When she's sad, I make her glad
She tells me how she feels
Her presence is golden
When she leaves, I'm sad
When she comes back, I'm glad
She's my blue-eyed girl

She loves me
And I love her
She'll always be...
My blue-eyed girl



Your skin, so soft and gentle.
Your lips, the taste of sugar.
Your hair, so long and beautiful.
Your eye are the color of the sky.

You're a piece of heaven on Earth.
You're the ray of sunshine that brightens my day.
You're the tranquility in a world full of violence.
You're the pot fo gold at the end of the rainbow.

I see your smile and it takes my breath away.
You brought happiness into my life when it was dark.
Being with you is the greatest gift from heaven.
You're my sun and my Earth and I'll love you forever.

You think you're not special.
You think I won't give you my heart.
You think I'm playing when I tell you I love you.
You think I lie when I say I'll always be by your side.

I don't care what you think.

To me you are special.
I'll give you my heart if you don't break it.
I'll love you till the end of time.
I'll always be by your side, no matter what.

My love for you will always stay.
Even when you're mad at me, I'll never stray.
To be with you is always nice.
So, I'm not lying when I tell you this.

Angelina Jolie..*drools*

"The Feeling I have For You"

It's intense
It's electrifying
It's new
It's the feeling I have for you
It's painful
It's exhilarating
It's a hill of emotion
It's the feeling I have for you
Though it's new
Though it's painful
Though it's intense
It's the feeling I have for you

Angelina in Tomb Raider II

The Girl On The TV Screen

Lookin' so fine
I wish I were her only one
She's the girl on the TV screen
I want to be all she has
Make her dreams come true and last
Be her warmth in the middle of the night
She's the girl on the TV screen
Too famous to touch
Too famous to be mine
She's the girl on the TV screen

Angelina Jolie..oh yea


You're pretty.
You're cute.
You're nice.
You're sweet.
Those are only your good qualities.
You care.
You help.
You're thoughtful.
You're self-less.
Those are only your best qualities.
You took my hand.
You led me away.
You fell in love with me.
You kissed me and took my breath away.
Those are you girlfriend qualities.
In some crazy way you are my girlfriend.
In a love type way.

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