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A Letter To My Baby

Today is our six month anniversary, and like I know it's not a big deal to some, but it is to me.
It signifies six months of me being truly happy.
Being with someone who actually gets me,
and loves me. My quirks and all. Even
before we were together you got me and we related on so
many levels. You were someone who I could talk
to and like share everything with. And
despite my feelings for you, I was content with you
being my best friend. The one person I
could talk to. You're still my best friend, but you
just have a better title.

You're my girlfriend and you're an amazing one at that.
You get me, you there when I'm upset and you're
you and that's all I could ask for. I mean we do
have our problems, but we're working on them and getting
through them. And like everyday I fall
even more in love with you. First thing I see
in the morning is you and you're asleep, but I fall even
more in love with you. When we're looking into each
other's eyes you capture my heart. Like my heart
explodes with excitement because I love you so much.
It's a hard feeling to explain but it
just fills me with a good feeling everytime I
think about how much I love you.

I could be in the crappiest moods, and your
smile just makes everything better. Like
I know I can screw-up sometimes, and I can
be a real asshole, but I don't do intentionally. I probably
think I'm playing or something, but it doesn't
come across as that. I'm trying to
work on being less of an asshole. Anyways, Baby, I
hope the next six months are just like the first
six months. I love you so much.


Now.....Here's Your Present.....

Hopefully you've gotten your present now.

.....Now GET NAKED!!!!