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Volleyball Terms

Spike- a ball contacted by a player in the air with force directed at opposing teams court
Set- a 2 handed overhand pass to a hitter ready to spike the ball
- contacting the ball with your forearms or fingertips
Overhand Pass- like a set; with contact above your head contacted with 2 hands
Forearm Pass- contacting the ball on your forearms in an underhand
motion; also known as a bump pass
  Serve- contact of the ball behind the serving line in direction of opponent's court
Jump Serve- server tossing the ball and jumping to hit it in a downward motion from behind the serving line
Block- players on the opposing team deflecting the ball back to the offensive team
Dink- a light push around a block
Ace- a serve that is only hit once or not at all by the receiving team
Kill- a spike that is not returned by opposing team
Assist- a set that results in a kill
Attack- offensive action of hitting the ball; usually includes three hits: pass, set, spike
Dig- passing a spike or dink
Pancake- a dig where a player dives with arm outstretched and palm flat on the ground causing the ball to bounce off the back of the hand
Side out- when serving team loses the serve

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