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Types of Volleyball
Many people have taken volleyball and changed it may it be different levels of play or new versions of the same game volleyball seems to fit all.
Beach Volleyball   
College Volleyball                                                 
   High School Volleyball        
USA Volleyball

Beach Volleyball differs the most from all other types of volleyball. One big difference is it is played outside usually on sand but sometimes grass. Usually only two people are on one team but it can be played with three, four or six people. Beach Volleyball is mainly played on the coast, ecspecially in California. the United States has a professional beach volleyball circuit called the AVP. There is also a International Volleyball Federatcion (FIVB), which is an international circuit. Junior leagues are not being set up too. Games are only played to 21, rally scoring and there is only three games in a match. Substitues are not allowed. Players switch courts on every multiple of fives.

There are many different levels of college volleyball form junior colleges to Division One colleges. Most colleges players are recruited when they are in high school for their ablities. Six players can play at a time and a liebro is allowed to play back row in multiple rotations and serve in one rotation. The best three out of five matches is played to 30 and 15 in the fith game all rally scoring. College volleyball is played at most colleges with men's and women's teams. A regular season is played, then the NCAA tournament starts in each division until a National Champion is crowned.

High School Volleyball would be open to girls or boys (where programs are available) in grades 9 -12. These are through a High School and have a certain season when volleyball is played. A regular season is played then State Tournaments are played usually have a State Champion in multiple classes.  High School volleyball is behind College and USA in rule changes. A liebro is not allowed in High School and High School players do not play to 30 points as in college, they only play to 25, rally scoring. A match is the best three out of five games. Also six players play at a time. Rules change from state to state, but the gerneral idea of volleyball is there. High School volleyball is more of the learning stage before you reach the higher levels. There are usually many different teams like Varsity, Junior Varsity, Sophomore, and Freshman, this helps to make it available to all to get playing time.

USA Volleyball is usually played by Juniors. Players still in High School looking for more playing time. The levels go by age starting around the age of 12 and under. They go to adult divisions. The USA season goes from the end of the High School season to the start of the High School season. The rules are a mix of High School and College rules. A liebro is allowed but not to serve. Most the time games are played to 25, rally scoring, best 3 out of 5. USA is usually more selective teams than a High School team would be. Tournaments are on weekends and a National Championship is in the summer.

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