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Main: Welcome to Smash Log, a site made to inform you dedicated Smashers of upcoming and past SmashFest and Tournament events. They will be posted by the size of the Smashfest, as shown on the left; as well as Tournaments. If you know of an upcoming Tournament or Smashfest, please let us know by e-mailing us at Otherwise you can send us an Instant Message on AIM at chillindude829 or Azen Zagenite.

BOMB is complete, BOMB 2 already underway, 10.26.03 3.30pm by Azen Zagenite.
Muffin King's first tournament is over, although having less than expected turnouts. He's already preparing the next BOMB which should be about a month away, this one will be 10x better than the last =) BOMB results up.

Look out for Game Over, the next H2YL Tourney =), 10.24.03 4.50pm by Azen Zagenite.
Whoa, massive nothingness in here ^_^ I got a little lazy, but don't worry stuff will still appear on this site. Game Over is going to be a big one, don't miss it! BOMB is almost here, results shall be posted afterwards. Keep on smashing =) Added DCSS 2 Results and Game Over information, check it out.

LoD is over. H2YL prevails, results up ^_~, 8.24.03 12.15pm by Azen Zagenite.
This has probably been the funnest tournament I've been to ^_^ Out of the 86 sign-ups, only 42 people came. The number itself is not bad at all even so, the competition was still high though. There was unfortunately not enough time for the team tourney though. H2YL has also furthermore proved to be the top competitors of smash. SNL had nothing on this.

Live or Die is just one day away!, 8.22.03 1.25pm by Azen Zagenite.
Make sure you come to this grand event. It already has over 80 sign-ups, not guaranteed though. Bring all your smash skill and show your improvement to the EC. Also check out DCSS 2 which will be occurring after LoD in the upcoming tournament section.

Not much updates to this, but here =P, 8.08.03 8:00pm by Azen Zagenite.
H2YL's Live or Die tournament is finalized. Please visit it's web-site and sign-up to play. Also for more information, check the Upcoming Tournaments section. There's also a Smashfest this Saturday the 9th, so if you ahve time, please come ^_^

H2YL's Tournament is shaping up =), 6.11.03 8:30pm by Azen Zagenite.
This tournament is past its concept design and is most likely going to be the real deal. Thanks to American Legion and its services, we shall be having an SSBM Tournament in one of their locales sometime in August. Check it out in the proper section for more details. And also please check the topic at SmashBoards here.

New Tournament coming!, 5.29.03 9:45pm by Azen Zagenite.
Finally a new tournament has sprouted up. This time it is coming from GameFAQs, quite rare indeed. Check this out in the Tournaments Section for more details. It will be held on July 12 in Clinton, Maryland; clear your schedule for that date ^_~ If you want to check out the original topic to this, click here. I urge everyone to come to this event =)

Azen is tight, 5.14.03 4:00pm by Chillin.
I forgot to mention that we have a Duels section now, which is 1-on-1 smashfests. Wow, Azen really did something with this site, didn't he? =P Much thanks to him. He's the shiznit. So anyway, check out the boards and stuff and please sign up.

New and Improved Layout ^_^, 5.13.03 10:00pm by Azen Zagenite.
I have finally finished and set up the new layout. Now this site looks much more appealing =) It took me several hours to convert all the current pages. I assure you that all links are in working order and everything should be in top notch shape. If you do find any errors, however, please let me know! So enjoy ^_~ More updates soon.

Now you can show how you feel, 5.12.03 1:00am by Chillin.
Great news. Now, you can post about Smashfests and talk to others about Smashfests with Smash Log Boards! This adds a very cool element to the site, but you need to create a username to post and reply to threads, so get one now! Only downside is, you may experience harsh pop-ups, but any Smashboards users will be used to it.

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