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Lost in the 50's Signature Tut (Owned & Written by C. File 11/3/04)

Note: **Please do not copy tutorials in any form. Tutorial is written & owned by C. File. They are not to be emailed out on lists or posted on websites. A link is apprectiated. Thank you!***

Photo Impact 10 (also for PI8, however screens shots are PI10)

Fabulous 50's found at:

1. Start with a new canvas 400X400

Making the record:

2. Using the shapes tool, 2 D color black, draw a large circle.

3. We now need to draw the inner circle. To do this we need to use the continue draw (shown below), which will be used to edit the current shape we have just drawn.

4. Draw another circle starting in the just above mid left so that when your inner circle is drawn it will be centered & look like below... (it is a little tricky at first & may take a few times to "get it right".. if you need to redo, just go to edit/undo step & try again) When done should look like:

5. Click on the selector to finish.. that will reflect just the black circle with the inner circle cut out.

6. Now on to get the label started... Again choose shape tool and change color to color you want for your label.. draw a smaller circle in the center, wide enough to cover the center whole for earlier which will also be big enough to put wording on later... size similar to below:

7. We are going to now do the inner circle of the label.. again choose continue draw from the mode drop down... (it will reflect the previous one for the record, so it should be easier to see the size you want.. again if you may need to edit/undo a few times to get it right.. there are little boxes on the inner circle so you can move it slightly to align) line them up & you are done with the inner label. Click on the selector to complete the inner label.

8. Now to add the groves!... this time change your shape to circle outline, color gray, 2 D width 1... draw the circle not quite at the edge but similar to screen shot.

9. Now after the first one is drawn, go to Object > Duplicate & duplicate it.

10. Now choose the transform tool with the marching ants on the duplicate.. make sure your lock is closed.. resize the duplicate slightly smaller.

11. Repeat step 9, duplicating the now resized one & repeat step 10 to resize it. Continue for as many grooves as you wish.

12. Now select all the grooves only and make them softer by choosing the picker & change transparency to 48 as shown below:

13. Pick the layer of the black record circle only. .. we want to give it a beveled/light appearance to make it look like vinyl. Choose (in your Easy Pallette) Text Path Effects > Materials Attribute Gallery > Color > Black

14. Now to give it a bevel.. Choose (in your Easy Pallette) Text Path Effects > Materials Attribute Gallery > Bevel > B03

15. OPTIONAL: At this point, if you want go to Object > Select All & then click on it & drag to your easy pallette.. name your object for future use... keep all on seperate layers, so you can change the color of the label if you wish.

16. Now we are going to decorate the label. If you wish, choose a 50's song, and check out google to find the name of the original label, or make up your own... [For this sample I am using "Rock Around the Clock" a song by Bill Haley & the Comets which was on the ESSEX record label]...

17. The label name I am using the font Arial > color black > size 40 or whatever size you wish {ESSEX} and centering it at the top of the label. The name of the song is also done in Arial only sized down to about 15.. put at the bottom of the circle, but enough room to put the artist underneath. Then the name of the artist is also Arial sized around 10, and I have selected the "I" for italics... Place this under the song title. Now on the sides of the label I have on the left side a 120-A (Arial font sized about 8) and 45RPM on the right side of the label, (also Arial font sized about 8). After both the 120-A & 45RPM are placed, select them both & then go to Object > Align > Horizontally to line them up.

18. No we need to put little music notes on each side. Go to my easy pallette and click on the shapes library & chose the symbol music notes. Click on them one at a time.. in order to make them stand out a bit, go to Easy Pallette> Material Attributes > Plastic > Black which will give it a "leatherish look" to it.

19. Click on your transform tool making sure it is still locked & resize so music note is small... once placed, add a slight shadow to the music note Object > Shadow > default (X=1, Y=4 however it comes up.) Redo step 18 & 19 with the other shape. You should now have something similar to the below screen shot:

20. Go to Object > Select All. No go to Object > Merge selection so it is now all one object.
21. Go to Object >duplicate to make another record, and using transform tool, resize to make smaller. Go to Photo > Focus and choose the top right choice. With Picker tool, move record to bottom left as below:

22. Now we are going to make the big record a bit transparent.. Choose the large record & change transparency to 45.

23. Now we are going to add the name. Font "Fabulous 50" Size 150, color same color as your label, 3d round. Type your name.

24. Add Material gel of your choice from Easy Pallette. Click on picker tool & place the name where you want it.

25. Resize large record so it is in proportion such as below. (Focus if you need to.. Photo > Focus top right choice)

26. With Picker tool, select small record & duplicate..(Object > Duplicate)

27. Do the shapes again only this time resize not as small as before..

28. Place it in the spots you want... here is a screen shot to reflect the material gallery & plastic

29. Add shadow to music notes

30. Now we want to add a slight shadow to the little records.. select small record Object > Shadow with settings below.. do this for both little records.

31. Crop the image to get rid of excess space

32. Now we will duplicate this frame twice... Edit > Duplicate > Base Image with Objects You should now have 3 of exactly the same.

33. Now we are going to add the noise. Click on the first frame Large record... Go to Photo > Noise> Add Noise> Monochrome 25

34. Now we want to add shadow to our record... Go to Object > Shadow> and use these settings:

35. Now go to Object > Merge All...

36. Go to File > SaveAs > RecordName1.ufo

37. Repeat steps 33 to 36, only this time the noise is at 35.

38. Repeat steps 33 to 36, only this time the noise is at 45.

Once you have the frames names as RecordName1.ufo, RecordName2.ufo, RecordName3.ufo we are going to now animate.

39. Click on the switch that is at the upper right of the screen & choose gif animator

40. Follow Animation wizard setting frames to 15, and once completed save as a gif.. you are done!

Click here for a .psd of the record to use in both PSP & Photo Shop & decorate it yourself. 45record.psd

Note: **Please do not copy tutorials in any form. Tutorial & 45record.psd is written & owned by C. File. It is not to be emailed out on lists or posted on websites. A link is apprectiated. Thank you!***