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Monday, April 9 2001

We went down to Virginia Beach this weekend.  We found most of the skate parks there closed.  The only park with anything left was Mt Trashmore.  Even there it was just a 6' half-pipe.  It was all locked up, with a sign on it that read "contact the park office if you want to skate."  It was small, so we didn't bother.  We didn't know where to find the park office, anyway.  

All and all, the trip was a real bummer.  First, we tried to visit the Va Beach Skate Park.  We soon learned it had been torn down.  Apparently, it was privately owned, but was poorly managed.  At least, that is what we were told by locals.  

Next, we visited Mt Trashmore park.  It was extremely crowded that day, due to a carnival.  Parking was terrible, but we got lucky, and squeezed the car beside a curb.  Guess it was good I could only afford a small car.   We knew the big half-pipe was there anymore, but we wanted to photograph the 6' one.  I will have those photos online later this week.

After that, we decided to find Lynnhaven Skate Park.  We found the park, but there weren't any ramps.  We talked to some locals at a skate shop nearby.  They told us Lynnhaven Park had all the ramps taken out a long time ago.

By this time, we were feeling pessimistic about the Va Beach skate park scene.  Our last hope was Red Wing Skate Park.  The guys from the skate shop told us Red Wing did have ramps at one time.  So off we went.  20 minutes later, and one wrong turn, we finally found it.  Torn down again!    

Man, did we feel defeated.  I was psyched about the scene before going down.  I thought it was awesome- that VA Beach had so many parks this close to each other.  I was planning a great article about it.  

Well, I guess it wasn't too bad.  We did get some great time on the beach.  On the way home, we stopped by the Hampton Skate and Bike Park.  It was locked up, but it didn't matter.  There was a hole in the gate.  So we went in to get some pictures. 

It was a majestic park at one time.  There was a  12'-15' half-pipe, a 6' half-pipe, and lots of ramps and quarter-pipes.   All the sheet metal was torn off the big half-pipe, and the wood underneath was rotten .  All the quarters and ramps were looking pretty old and beaten.  I don't think this park has been skated for quite some time.  Unless some serious work is done, I doubt it ever will be again.  What a shame!  It looked to be a skater paradise.

All in all, it was a rather unsuccessful weekend.  I am glad I went, because now I  know - stay away from VA Beach if you want to skate ramps.  There are sites on the web still listing these parks.  I guess I should contact them and share the awful truth.  For the skaters and in-liners who might fall prey.  Just like I did.  

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