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Patrick Henry Libertarian Committee


Why the Libertarian Party?

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Dance Halls

The Pipeline Issue

School Consolidation

Working to build the Libertarian Party in the Martinsville area

The Patrick Henry Libertarian Committee intends to be the Libertarian Party affiliate group in the counties of Patrick and Henry and the city of Martinsville.  Our goal is to extend the libertarian philosophy in our home area and work to build support of the Libertarian Party here. The libertarian philosophy is rooted in the principles of individual liberty and truly free market economics. It is the belief of the Libertarian Party that the path to a better tomorrow is best found through working toward government policies that allow and protect the natural rights of the people while at the same time allowing for a free and open market free from unnecessary government intervention. Learn more about the Libertarian Party and our ideals at the following link, Why the Libertarian Party? .

Important News for Libertarians in Our Area

3-22-2002: Hornberger to run for U.S. Senate as Independent
In early January, Jacob Hornberger announced his bid to run in this year's race for U.S. Senate against John Warner. Due to some in the LPVA who believe the party should focus on local elections, Mr. Hornberger has decided to run as an Independent. If you are interested in helping with the Hornberger for Senate campaign, you can contact him through his email . More...

1-9-2002: Virginia Libertarian makes bid for U.S. Senate
In last year's gubernatorial election, the Libertarian Party of Virginia had for the first time two candidates on the ballot statewide. This year the party has the opportunity to run another statewide campaign for U.S. Senate. Jacob Hornberger recently announced his bid to run in this year's race for Senate against John Warner.  More...

11-7-2001: Results from November 6 election
The Libertarian Party of Virginia had for the first time two candidates on the ballot for statewide office.  Bill Redpath, for Governor, and Gary Reams, for Lt. Governor.  Because of the efforts of area Libertarians, both candidates were able to pick up more than average votes in Henry County.   More...

Join the Patrick Henry Libertarian Committee email list

We have created an email group for the members of and anyone interested in the Libertarian Party in our area. As a subscribed member, you will receive updates on Libertarian campaigns and information on events.  You will also be able to post your own messages for the entire group to see so that you can participate in our quest for liberty in the Martinsville area.  To subscribe, just send a blank email to:

You can send messages to this group by sending an email to:

Please join our list to become more involved in the party of principle and our work for a more free society.

Issues of importance for our area

One of the goals of this website is to explore the various issues of our area in order to find libertarian solutions.  Here you will find some links to pages that explore some of these issues.  Along with the descriptions of the issues and some opinions of the author of this page you will find a place where you can voice your opinions by a vote and adding comments.  Please look through these pages and remember your comments are encouraged.

Dance Halls

The Pipeline Issue

School Consolidation

We want your input

The Patrick Henry Libertarian Committee is just forming and needs your help in making the Libertarian presence in our area a viable one.  Sometime in the near future we hope to have a meeting to go over what can be done in the future to increase awareness and support of the libertarian ideas.  Before we can do anything, we need the ideas and comments of the people who want to participate in these endeavors.  If you have any ideas, please send an email to the address at the bottom of the page of submit them directly here.

Since January 7, 2002.

You can learn more about where the party stands on the issues at our national headquarters web site, , or the state website .