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Mr.Phillip reporting
31 October 2087

Dixie_darlin & Paden entered into the state of holy
matrimony on Halloween Night in the First VRML
Church of the Suburbs. After a brief ceremony (very) by
Paladin45, virtual rice was tossed and a bottle of virtual
bubbly was consumed. Congratulations went around
and hugs were exchanged by the whole crowd.

The couple met in Cybertown over "a silly shelf". It
seems that dixie_darlin was just moving in and trying to
move a shelf into position when she was scared half to
death by Paden suddenly appearing in her house. She
was a new citizen and didn't realize that this could
happen. He offered to help her move the shelf and they
both worked on it until they realized that they were
working more on a relationship than the placement of a
silly shelf. The rest is history. The shelf never did make
it against the wall, but the two vow to never move it
from where it rests.

Reprinted from the CVN Cybertown Virtual News
November 1, 2087