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Dirk Marrietje Teunis Deanyse

Jans Derick Woertman Workman

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Children with:
Anna Maria Andries

Abraham Workman
Jans Derick Woertman Workman
  • Born: 1665, Brooklyn Kings County New York
  • Married to Anna Maria Andries
  • Died: 1712, Brooklyn Kings County New York

    Name: Jans Derick Woertman Workman
    Sex: M
    Birth: ABT. 1665 in Brookly, Kings County, New York
    Death: ABT. 1712 in Brookly, Kings County, New York
    2. John Derick Workman (Jan Derick Woertman) Chr. 1665 in Brooklyn, NY
    Anna Maria Andries (Andriessen) Chr. 1670 in Brooklyn, NY
    Married 1/17/1690 in Brooklyn, NY
    1. Andries Woertman - Chr. 11/22/1691
    2. Dirk Woertman - Chr. 11/26/1693
    3. Jan Evertsen Bout Woertman - Chr. 5/4/1695
    4. Peter Woertman - Chr. 9/30/1698
    5. Elizabeth Woertman - Chr. 9/19/1699
    6. Hermitien (Woertman) Coesvert - Chr. 10/25/1704
    7. Anna (Woertman) Pieterse - Chr. 4/30/1707
    8. Abraham Workman (Woertman) - Chr. 4/27/1709
    9. Jan (Jane) Woertman - Chr. 10/25/1710
    10. Femmetje Woertman - Chr. 8/23/1716.

    John Derick Workman started the move west in 1699 when he moved from Brooklyn Heights, NY to Somerville, New Jersey. By the year 1704 he had located in Raritan, New Jersey where he remained for a number of years. He then moved to Pluckemin, NY where he erected a long old-fashioned house made of logs that was to be known for many years as the "Workman Homestead". Here a descendant, Jan Woertman, known as Squire Wortman (due to the fact that he owned 500 acres) entertained the patriots, Gisbert Sutphen, Aaron Melick, and Colonel Stephen Hunt when they met to plan their resistance to the British army a year before the Declaration of Independence was signed. It was herem, too, that Jan Wortman, trained by his father in the family trade as a blacksmith, shod the horses of George Washington and his entourage during the Revolutionary War. The Woertman tradition in America had been one of civic loyalty. Richard John (Derick Jans) had begun it in 1673 when he became an officer of his own in Brooklyn. John Derick (Jan Dercik) continued it as Justice of the Peace in New Jersey. Squire Jan Wortman, his nephews and sons planned and worked for the revolutionary forces.

    Father: Dirck 'Richard' Jans Woertman b: ABT. 1630 in Amsterdam, Holland
    Mother: Marrietje Teunis Deanyse b: 3 APR 1644 in New Amsterdam, New York

    Marriage 1 Anna Maria Andries b: ABT. 1670 in Cripplebush, Kings County, New York
    Married: 17 JAN 1690/91 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
    Abraham Workman b: 27 APR 1709 in Raritan, Somerset County, New Jersey

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