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Long Real Fingernails and Toenails 4 Sale or Trade

You Can Obtain Finger Nail and Toe Nail Clippings From Your favorite Long Nail Goddess

Hi,Nails in My Collection Frow Various My Name is Shema and I am in the process of developing the First On Line Catalog Web Site especially built to make my Long Nail Collection Available to all Long Nail Lovers and Collectors.I have been collecting Fingernails and Toenails from Mostly People who have a Normal history of Growing Their Finger and Toe Nails to suprising noticable sizes.

This has been an interesting Hobby, Love, Desire, Goal, and Fetish. I also know that there are many many of you Nail Lovers that also have been Collecting Fingernails themselves.I have Nails in My Collection From Various Long nailed People from All over the world.

I have put linke to Most of The People Who have contributed Their Cherished Claws to My Collection. All Nails are in Original State. A description of Who's Nails, The Length of the Nail, What Finger or Toe it came from, and possible thickness will be noted. Please feel free to send me your Coments regarding Obtaining or Viewing My Collection. I would love to be able to exchange Nails with some of you Real Dedicated Collectors.

Vivian's Nails Can be Seen By Clicking the Link

Some Vivian's Nails Available

More Pictures and Trading Guidelines will be added to assist you in Getting You Some of these Fingernails We Have available. All Pictures have the owners permission to be Shown! This Is The Claw




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