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This page has my teaching philosophy and the way I believe that I must act and do things for my classroom to be a fun and energetic place of learning.


                                                          Teaching Philosophy

                                                          Michael P. Jackson

                I feel the most important role that I have as a teacher is that of a guide, not the oracle of truth, but rather someone to provide the tools and supplies necessary for the journey, teach the students how to interpret the road map for themselves, point out interesting details along the path, and lead only when and where the intellectual terrain gets rough.

                To make myself an effective guide I must make myself available to students 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. I must work hard and earn their trust, come prepared for class and know the material im going to teach. Learning begins with excitement and wonder , its my job to foster it and create an environment where students are not afraid to ask questions and they feel free to express their opinions.