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Mighty Men of Valor

What is MOV

Men of Valor is a student-run menís ministry under the Campus Life Ministry of the Student Christian Association at Hampton University. The Men of Valor ministry encourages men to seek a closer walk with Jesus Christ.

Mission of MOV

The mission of Men of Valor is to bring godly men of all races, colors, and nationalities within the Hampton University campus and community into a richer and more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and to cultivate a Christian way of living in the lives of all men.

Vision of MOV


1.To promote Christian brotherhood and fellowship.

2. To pursue the purposes that God has for the lives of all men.

3. To proclaim the love of God to all people.

4. To present our bodies as a living sacrifice.

5. To develop men of honor, integrity, loyalty, and to walk in these and other Christ-like characteristics in every area of our lives.

ď........I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.Ē
-1 Corinthians 9:22

Format of MOV

The Men of Valor Ministry will consist of three main components: Biblical Discussions, Outings/Fellowships, and Outreach activities. These components are broken down and described below.

MOV Rap Sessions

MOV Rap Sessions will be conducted in the study room of the Harkness Hall lobby, and are open to all men who wish to participate. Each session is opened with prayer and a brief testimonial period, after which the pre-defined topics and questions of the day will be introduced. Once the discussion matter is thoroughly covered, the session ends with closing remarks, prayer requests, a closing prayer, and a call to salvation.


MOV Outings/Fellowships will offer an opportunity for men to come together in Christian brotherhood and fellowship with one another. These events are open to all men who wish to participate.

Menís Outreach

MOV Outreach will seek to witness and minister to men of the Hampton University campus and community through personal testimony, functions, and development workshops.



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