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IB Math Studies Overview

Basic overview on IB Math Studies

Course Overview

Math Studies is a comprehensive approach to math that integrates elements of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The course is partitioned into units consisting of trigonometry, statistics and probability, sets and logic, financial math, coordinate geometry, functions, and optional statistics. The setup is such that you build upon previous knowledge as you progress from unit to unit. The course prepares a student for the internal assessment and an IB exam in early May. The TI-83 is a necessary tool for the course and essential for trig, matrices, and complex calculations. Students will work through four quarters of progressively more complex equations. The exam will be in the forth quarter and the internal assessment is divided into sections and due over the second and third quarters. This course should follow algebra II, trigonometry, or IB algebra II/trigonometry.

Internal Assessment

The Math Studies internal assessment consists of four parts: statement of the task, data collection, data analysis, data evaluation and conclusions. Students will also be graded on the structure of the project and the overall dedication to the project. Every section is allotted a certain point value, data analysis is worth the most, 6 marks, in this section students must demonstrate their ability to manipulate the data and use three complex math studies processes. Data evaluation is worth 5 marks and draws conclusions and formulates general trends from the analyzed data. Data collection is worth 4 marks and consists of a random or convenient sampling of data usually in table format. The statement of the task is merely a plan of what the student intends to do for the internal assessment. It must be testable, it must allow for data collection and manipulation, and a student must make plans for obtaining the required data. The parts of the project statement of intent and data collection are due in the second quarter while data analysis and conclusions are due in the third quarter. The project is due in its entirety in late March and completion is a required part of the course. The internal assessment is worth 20% of the exam grade.


Trigonometry 1
Trigonometry 2
Statistics and probability
Optional Statistics
Sets and Logic
Financial Math
Coordinate Geometry

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