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Sorting Hat

Here is a little questionaire to tell you into what house the Sorting Hat would most likely put you. All you have to do is E-mail me your answers, and I'll reply as soon as I can. Look for my E-mail address at the bottom of this page.

1) What is your favorite character from the books and why?

2) What is your favorite of the four houses and why?

3) Of these four adjectives, which do you feel describes you the best:

- courageous

- clever

- friendly

- cunning

4) What do you think your favorite class at Hogwarts would be and why?

5) Of these four things, which do you need the most:

- to be the leader, in control of everything

- to have an organized schedule and focus on the details

- to work as part of a team where everyone is equal and has a voice

- to discover new things on your own using your own methods

6) Which of these four things do you like the least:

- wasting time

- being told what to do

- lack of organization or quality

- arguments

7) Which of these four phrases would your best friend probably say about you:

- (your name) is confident, a natural leader

- (your name) is a compassionate peacemaker

- (your name) is imaginitive and original, a born explorer

(your name) is logical and does everything right the first time.

8) What is most likely your biggest fault:

- disorganization/sloppiness

- being overly critical

- being too aggressive

- not speaking up for yourself enough

9) When is your birthday? 10) Which of these ice cream flavors do you like the most:

- chocolate

- pistachio

- mint chocolate chip

- vanilla

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