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Lupingrl's Harry Potter Gallery

Hey everyone! Almost ready to **groan** go back to school? I have just the poll for you... scroll down a little to cast your vote! I made a few more updates: unfortunately, my artistic abilities have been limited by both time and lack of inspiration, so no piccies yet.... however, I have a few humorous vignettes (read: short stories) on the fanfic site, so check them out, please! And send me feedback-- what do you want to see on the site? I'd be glad to oblige requests. Your comments are both welcome and desired.... Got fics or pics, compliments or complaints? Just e-mail me at!


Your votes are in!! What pet would you take to Hogwarts with you? Of the 152 votes I got, our winner was the Phoenix with a grand total of (drumroll please).... 59 votes! Wow... it looks cool, fights off Basilisks, has healing powers, and carries your mail for you, too! As for the others, 19 of you wanted an owl, no one wanted a toad or a rat (and who could blame you?), 9 of you wanted a cat, 30 of you braver ones wanted a dragon (I trust you would be able to handle one properly!), 31 of you wanted a unicorn, and 4 wanted something other than the aforementioned. Thanks for your votes!

Yours, Lupingirl

Here's the new poll, so cast your votes and enjoy!!

My HP personality!! YEA!!

**Sigh** If only Quidditch were a real sport....

(Who doesn't?)

I love this button (even though it sounds very Malfoyesque!)

Please vote for my site, HP fans!! :-)

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