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"Potions Class"

By Lupingirl

"I turn my back for five minutes and you manage to totally ruin perhaps one of the easiest potions I've had this class concoct!" Professor Snape barked at Neville, who was pale, cowering, and coated in what appeared to be orange gelatin.

"Sir, I--"

"Don't interrupt me! Thought you'd just add a little more armadillo bile to thin it, didn't you, Longbottom? Didn't you?"

Neville gave a slight sniffle.

"Granger, you were his partner. Why didn't you tell him he was doing it wrong?"

"But Professor, I didn't mean--"

"You didn't mean to blow your desk to smithereens? You didn't mean to get this... this... orange slime all over the classroom? You didn't mean--"

"Sir, I--"


"Yes, sir."

"Oh, I've had it. Detention for the both of you. Potter, Weasley, I don't like the looks on your faces. You shall be joining Granger and Longbottom. Bah, look at this filth. I'll have to call Finch to come clean this up. Nobody move a finger while I'm gone." Tense silence settled over the room as Snape stalked out.

"Well," Harry finally said indignantly, "I suppose I shall just have to get Neville off the chandelier all by myself."

"Yeah," grumbled Ron, wiping orange jello from behind his ears, "remind me to get a bad stomachache the next time Snape has us try to replicate Calvin Klein men's cologne in class."

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