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Fred and George's Chess Match

By Lupingirl

Note: this is just a short, silly story that popped into my head the other night.... I thought I'd go ahead and put it up, so here it is!

"You know, I'm going to beat you at this one."

"How do you know?"

"A hunch."

"You've had hunches about the last seventeen games. Sixteen were incorrect. You're only correct hunch was that you'd lose."

"Well, I feel that the chess gods are on my side."

"Unfortunately for you and the chess gods, I'm monotheistic."

"So if my dormitory becomes infested by locusts, I'll know whom to blame."

"Yeah. Check."

"Easy enough to avert."

"Check again."

"And your plan is foiled a second time."


"Darn it."

"Wanna play again?"

"You know I'm going to beat you this time."

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