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  Guess who's turning 5?

It is hard to believe that Kealani will turn 5 on November 29th. It has been a wonderful and exciting year for her. She is anxious to start planning her birthday party. She has become quite the party planner since at least one of her many beloved stuffed animals has a birthday party nearly every day!

In May, Kealani went to Disney World for the first time. She cannot wait to return. She enjoyed meeting all of the Disney Princesses at a special breakfast. After meeting almost every Disney character, she announced that she just had to meet Piglet. Thank goodness for the people at Disney, they certainly know how to make dreams come true!

In September, Kealani started preschool at the Goddard school. There are nine children in her class. The girls are outnumbered six to three. Kealani loves her teacher- Miss Michelle. Miss Michelle was happy to report to us that Kealani "blew her away" during a recent assessment. Kealani shakes with excitement when we tell her that she has homework. We wonder how long that will last.

Kealani enjoys the following activities:

  1. Ballet
  2. Tap
  3. Kindermusik
  4. Gymnastics
  5. Swimming
  6. Going to the library every week
  7. Using the computer
  8. Trips to the beach on Emerald Isle

Please enjoy the photos and check back for new shots of Kealani. Kealani's favorite websites are:

PBS Kids
Playhouse Disney
Toys R Us

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