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Yep. It's me
I stole (okay, "borrowed") this picture of myself from Kiki.

Can't get enough of me, can you?
Yep, another one of me.

Hola, Beppe
Beppe put this up on her buddy info link page, and I figured I might as well use it, too.

Hi, Aaron! I "borrowed" this picture from Kiki, too.

Ravenna and the freaky cow baby doll thingy
An intern from Q102, a Philadelphia radio station, took this picture of Ravenna when we were in New Jersey.

My mom took this picture in Arizona, and I thought it was pretty, so here it is.

The happy couple (awwww)
I "borrowed" this and the next two pictures from Beppe. This is Cara and Pat at their wedding. Aren't they cute? :)

The other table
This was the table next to mine at the wedding reception. (We were on a boat on the Potomac.) On the left, closest to the camera, is Worrall. A few seats down from him is Lauren. The guy in the blue shirt is Joe, and the girl next to him was his date.

My table
This was my table at the wedding reception. Starting from the left, closest to the camera, is Daniel's date; the guy next to her is, of course, Daniel. Ellen is in blue and Kirsten is next to her in green; Lizzie is next to Kirsten. Across from Lizzie is Hope, who you can barely see, and Barry, her now-ex. Then there's me (hi, me!), Jenny, and her boyfriend.

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