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Gourd Covered Bowls.

"Phoenix Rising", a wonderful and dramatic canteen gourd with intricate lid. Color effects done with two-tone pyrography and carving. Green color is Gilders Paste. The inlay (in second photo) is coral heishi beads.

Phoenix Rising



"Leadership", a 14" tall gourd with pyroengraved Mountain Lion and American Indian symbols.<


"How The West Was Won". This is actually a covered vase, made from a Zucca gourd. It portrays three generations of Indian women, and was designed using only pyrography and light carving for contrast. The only color added is the turquoise cabuchon. An interesting note: despite the high cost of this piece, it was purchased by a teen-aged young man for his girlfriend!

Close up of horse from "How The West Was Won"

"Living Legend", a covered vase with pyrography, oil pencil, and Gilders Paste. >

"Live Long and Prosper", canteen gourd with turtle forming this lid. All design elements are pyroengraved or carved out, with a few delicate inlays. No coloring or sealant added...this gourd color and sheen are natural!

"Four Seasons", 18" tall covered bowl. Design elements are primarily pyrography, with washes of Gilders Paste. Large images are realistic, while the smaller images on the lids are iconic. Various inlay elements. Three views shown, following:

"Ever Watchful, Ever Wise". Wonderful covered container (Can you guess where the cover is)done with pyrography, inlay, and paste wax coloration.

An urn for human cremains (the name has been blurred for privacy) The cover was glued on after the ashes were placed inside.

"Like a Moth to a Flame". Similar to top photo, but a totally different pyrographic technique used for this cecropia moth.

Here it is from the side, showing the pyroengraved geometric pattern flanking the silver leaf inlayed piece.

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