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Andrew Albosta's lazy page of pics...

Misc Shots: What it says... Stuff I wanted to show.

Zero Wind Great Deca: Pics of a ZWGD I took for my Studio Photo class.

CT indoor flying 1/27/03... Indoor flying... Fun stuff!

Wildwood 2002... Indoor competition.

Smithsonian 2002... Chris jumping, other stuff.

Wildwood 2001... Cool KAP aerial photos, indoor competition, other cool stuff...

(SBBB) 2001: Spring Break Buggy Blast 2001. Primm NV.

Misc R/C photos: Random pics of planes, etc... Out of date.




Griffin Technology

Blue Line


EHS 2000 on AOL's Instant Messenger

Kitsu on's #kites (Java chat available).

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