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Snowball Ornament
Make a whimsical snowball ornament using a Plastifoam ball and DecoArt Snow-Tex™ to decorate your ornament. These simple ornaments are so easy to make, you'll want to make several! Designed by Jean Kievlan for Syndicate Sales

CPE Felt, Light Blue, 3½ x 10-inch
DecoArt™ Snow-Tex™
Loew-Cornell® Brush Tub II®
Loew-Cornell® Paintbrush, White Nylon, ¾-inch Wash
Syndicate Sales, Inc. Plastifoam™ Ball
2-inch Beads, black, 3mm
3 Beads, black, 6mm,
2 Carrot
Foam Cord, gold, 6 inches
Glue gun, lo-temp Glue sticks, lo-temp
Pom-pom, white
¾-inch Thread, heavy duty

Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used. Due to the seasonal nature of some merchandise, actual availability of some products may vary.

Stick a brush handle or dowel into the Plastifoam ball to hold onto when applying Snow-Tex™ to ball. Apply Snow-Tex™ to ball, making sure the medium covers the entire surface of the ball. Set ball aside to dry thoroughly.

When dry, remove paintbrush handle (or dowel) from ball. Fold the Gold cord in half. Glue the ends of the cord into the hole left by the paintbrush handle.
Pull the Green top from the carrot. Press the carrot into the snowman's face, angling the carrot slightly. Remove carrot, apply glue, then reinsert carrot.

Press the 6mm bead eyes in place. Remove eyes, apply glue, then reapply eyes. Repeat procedure for the three 3mm mouth beads.

Use the sponge applicator from the decorating chalks kit to apply Dark Pink chalk to the snowman's cheeks.

Gather one long end of the Blue felt. Pull up the gathering threads tightly, then tie off securely.

Glue the short edges of the hat together. Slip hat on snowman's head, poking Gold cord loop through top of hat. Glue the White pom pom at the top of the hat. Turn back the hat brim 1-inch. Glue hat on head to secure placement if necessary.

Tip: Please read all instructions carefully before starting your project.

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