NOTICE:we are neutral in all arguments, altercations, fights, scuffles, stomp-outs, and any other disagreement. we just watch. we're good kids man so just give it up we didn't do anything. thanks.

1.21.03 - well, we were a little late to the scene, (nice introduction for your news eh?), but appearantly there was an altercation at a residential area directly beside the highschool. altercationaters include the widely-known "Lonnie" and his sidekick Daniel. Why did ol' Danny have to pop his mouth off? He apparently pissed some people off that wouldn't let things go. So these folks gave him the age-old "bring-your-ass-out-in-the-street-and-see-what-happens" routine. and then danny gives them the subliminal "hell-nah" routine, but masks his true feelings with more shit-talking. On a side note, kids, please don't let your ego get you into trouble, thanks. but anyway, the cops were called...yikes. i suppose you think you kno the rest...but you don't. there was an argument! you had to be there for that one. Then lonnie chats with the police. had to be there for that one too. the end

no caption nessicary...