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Jessi has a life

ok well as you can guess I am just getting started with an all new web other one was getting boring and out of date

So A New one for you lovely people

I am going to have stuff about school



(I love my hair, but my just weird)


Heres stuff about me:

I go Radford University I will be an RA (residences assistant) next semester in Madison on the first floor, I am really look forward to this experience!!HEY PEOPLE CHECK IT! While at Radford I do many thing besides sleep (although it is my favorite past time) I go to

Coming to Radford has changed my life, I have grown so much closer to God in so many ways and have found some awesome Brothers and Siters in Christ!! LOVE YOU ALL

If it weren't for These people I would have never discovered the best band in the whle world!!The while going to Winter Jam at Liberty University February 16, 2002 (thanks Sam!) :) this has proved to be straight from God, my life has become more clear since, I have joined the sound team with NLCF, and I changed my major to Media Studies with a concentration in Production Technology.

Hopefully my life will changed more over this summer when I go to Kings Fest I am going with Jeri and Rebecca and a bunch of their friends, I am so excited, I hope I will meet people there that I have met on the web through The CCM Buzz I am also getting a job some where this summer...pray for me about that!! :)A LIttle Story and some Pictures

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Want to go places? Find this site is boring? Just bored and have nothing else better to do then to wonder the internet amlessly? Well do I have a place for links!

Concerts I have been to (you don't really need to know this...I am just keeping track for my self but if you wanted to know then here you go :D)