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Welcome to the homepage for Forrest City, Arkansas. Updated October 15,2006
New, from the May 15,1959 Emmisary courtesy of Darrell Astin

View Some Transcribed Features

New, some pictures from the past, and the 2005 Reunion of FCHS of the 1950's Courtesy of Fredi Miller

View Some Transcribed Pictures

New, from May 30,1935 FC Times~Herald Courtesy of Fredi Miller

View Some Transcribed Items From the Paper

New, from 1935 Emissary at Forrest City High School Courtesy of Fredi Miller

View Some Transcribed Items From the Emissary

New, from 1956 Emissary at Forrest City High School Courtesy of Fredi Miller

View Some Transcribed Items From the Emissary

Here is a nice site that shows changes in census for Arkansas by changing the counties as changed by these formative years:
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Craighead Co.Arkansas Genealogy Society

1926 Eighth Grade Class-Forrest City,Arkansas

Mrs.Pearl Davis, Teacher
Front Row-L to R
Dorothy Grobmyer/ Hazel Puckett/ Vadis Hodges/ Mary Alice Franks/ Margaret Pipkin/ Margaret Hall/ Pauline Waterman/ Carrelyn Eldridge
2nd Row-L to R
Martha Watson/ Nina Grimstead/ Pauline Vance/ Sara Rauscher/ Margaret Whittington
3rd Row-L to R
Gertrude Snyder/ Sadie Partridge/ Elizabeth Malone/ Christine King/ Alice Mae Walker/ Martha Neblett/ Elizabeth Adams/ Lorene Butler
4th Row-L to R
Junior/Mallory/ Catherine Junior/ Dorothy Carrick/ Mary Allie Williams/ Annice Whittington/ Willena Paslay
These are the only identifications made on the back side of the picture!

1958 High School Graduates-Forrest City Arkansas

Here are individual pictures of the 1958 Graduating Class for Forrest City High School, Forrest City, Arkansas-Paul Isbell-If you have pictures you would like to add, send to me at:
Top Row-L to R
Molly Gilbert(Secretary)/ Dan Wilford (Treasurer)/ED HENDERSON (Sponsor)/ Carlos Andrews (Sponsor)/ LEWIS C.HAWLEY (Principal)/ M.S.SMITH (Superintendent)/ Mrs.MARY HENSON (Sponsor)/ Max Graham (Sponsor)/ Ned Wilford (Vice President)/ Cliff Garrison (President)
2nd Row-L to R
Sonny Holmes/ ANNE ROBBINS/ Chuck Clark/ Betty Russell/ Ann Biddle/ Marilyn Finch/ JOHN CHILDRESS/ Lillian Ford/ Elmer "B" Lindsey
3rd Row-L to R
Fredi Miller/ R.E.Trusty/ Garlanda Greene/ Ralph Pipkins/ Betty Burton/ Darrell Astin/ Carroll Astin/ Michelle Sharpe/ Ronnie Ferguson/ Priscilla Fondren/ EDGAR ROLLEY/ Louise Callahan
4th Row-L to R
Jerry Graves/ Delores Grubbs/ Donald Campbell/NANCY GREEN/ Clinton Gore/ June Shelby/ Jane Shelby/ David Brantley/ Cynthia Graham/ STEPHEN GATTEN/ Dotsie Clark/ Wayne May
5th Row-L to R
Kathy Alford/ Melvin Mathes/ Shelby Baskins/ Vernon Lockhart/ Alice West/ Betty Meggs/ Sonny Dunn/ Frances Walker/ Johnny Cole/ Ella Mae Jackson/ Billy Bridgeforth/ CHARLENE MOORE
6th Row-L to R
George Clegg/ Becky Laughinghouse Potts/ Bobby Gilmer/ Jeanette Boatner/ Donald Parkman/ Snowden Armstrong/ Camille Riffey/ Barry Cohen/ Barbara McKee/ Randy Dalton/ Mary Archer/ JEROME BRIGHT
7th Row-L to R
Marie Peacock/ Sidney McDaniel/ Mary Lou Robbins/ O'Finas Cowan/ Viola Riggs/ VIRGINIA COWAN/ Ronnie Sanders/ Barbara Waters/KENNETH HAMILTON/ Bobbie Sullivan/ Logan Collins/ Dorothy Thieme
8th Row-L to R
Wayne Marrs/ Sandra Nicholas/ Billy Halbert/ Dorothy Long/ Ross Stewart/ Leon Gadberry, Jr./ CAROLYN CLARK/ Harold Presley/ Ann Griffin/ Roger Brown/ Bertha Stidham/ Larry Weddington
9th Row-L to R
Claudia Marrs/ Murry Johnson/ Linda Brewer/ Paul Isbell/ Donna Morgan/ Jaclin Brown/ Eugene Henson/ Mary Ellen Laws/ Donald Purtee/ Betty Hudgens/ J.P.Shepherd/ Molly Sue Evans
10th Row-L to R
Mitchell May/ Dorothy Huff/ Carl Cisco/ Bonita Poe/ Tommy Ellis/ Milton Wilson/ Wilma Oxner/ Donald Hill/ Patsy James/ WILLIAM HILL/ Louise Cates/ J.E.Taylor
That completes this picture! The only graduate to receive a doctorate degree to my knowledge is Sidney Thomas McDaniel, PHD-Florida State University. He is a published author and is on staff at Mississippi State University.
To the Best of our knowledge, this was the largest graduation Class to date in 1958 for Forrest City.

Litho by Uncle Charlie N.Haven (ca.1960)

This litho was done of the courthouse built in 1897 and torn down in the 1976. He had been in local politics as city and county official from the 1930's. His name is Uncle Charles N. Haven.
And now a picture from the past, 1957 to be exact, looking North from Hwy 70 on Hwy 1 towards Wynne. Note the 55' Ford coming at you, could be me as this is what we were driving back then!

And now our Forrest City Schools coaching staff. The football team won District in 1957 and were 11 wins, 1 loss, and no ties. In 1958 they were undefeated under Coach DeVazier, who looked as good in 1988 as in this picture, no kidding! Unknown is Walter Prewitt! Found that Coach Devazier's son Jimbo is at the throttle in a powerful Jonesboro Hurricane head coaching position for the seventh year in 2005.

And now, the 1959 Class Picture from FCHS courtesy Of Bobbie Neal

Here are the names of the class of 1959

Linda Kay Jones, David Laser,Mary Ann Perry, Ray Trail, Betty McCollum, Tommy Moore, Harold Grobmyer, Barbara Kilgore, John Bowen, Barbara West, Noel Ferguson, Shirley Munn
Row 2
HOWARD STOTTS, Elizabeth Hamilton, GILBERT TAYLOR, Mary Ned Mallory, John Tedford, Jennie Gwinn, Linda Poe, Leon Lachet, Mildred Watson, TOM DEVAZIER, Mary Gann, Burl Lieblong
Row 3
Henry Heustess (Treasurer), Louise Ferguson (Secretary), LEWIS C. HAWLEY (Principal), MARY ENGLES (Sponsor), THOMAS.G. BRATTON (Sponsor), Tom Whitaker (Sponsor), HUGH WILSON (Sponsor), M. S. SMITH (Superintendent), JERRY STEED (Vice President), Eddie France (President)
Row 4
Bobby Clark, Paulette Goad, Ann Craig, Jimmy Jacobs
Row 5
Ann Cranor, Alan Tyson, Christine Thomas, MARY CATHERINE LINDSEY, Doyle Butts, Nadine Early, JAY JOLLY, Barclay Christopher
Row 6
Doug Rucker, Judy Newman, Jack D'Arcy, Linda Faye Graff, BUDDIE SHOEMAKE, Patsy Long, Clara Parkman, James Ferguson, JUDY WHITE, Jerry Bunch, Eva Townsley, PARNELL HAMMONS
Row 7
Sue Bowman, Tommy Clark, NALUP CHU, Jean Hughes, Charles Price, Catherine Britt, Emma Gene Hubert, RAY BUSBY, Jo Ann Burns, Richard Peterson, J.V. McKinney, Virginia Meggs
Row 8
ALLEN CLARK, MARTHA DOOLEY, John Riffey, Diane Wilson, Raymond Parker, Bobbie Kimble, Audrey Warren, Jerry Davis, Louise Jackson, James Kyle, Barbara Davis, Stanley Roberts
Row 9
Mary Ann Smith, John Mitchusson, Dena Bowen, J.W. JOHNSON, Nancy Cofield, Wayne Jackson, Donald Blankenship, MARY DICKERSON, Jackie Davis, Viola Watson, Terry Hutchinson, Tera VanBlake
Row 10
EDGAR BORDEN, Eloise Smith, Oscie Gatliff, Eugene Stephens, AMY BRITTON, Bonnie Eldridge, Irma Walker, Rosemary Gilmer, Jimmy Ruiz, Joe Kerr, WANDA RICE, Roger Davidson
Row 11
DORRIS DREW, Rhesa Davis, Steve Moncrief, Mary Lee Padgett, DONALD HALL, Patsy Gore, Mary Lynn Gilmer, RALEIGH BATTS, NEEL MOORE, Ernestine Byrd, Marshal May, Jean Miller

And now the 1959 Class 2005 Reunion Picture, courtesy of Bobbie Neal

And now the 1959 Class 2004 Reunion Picture, courtesy of Bobbie Neal

And this is the photographer's picture from the reunuion

Attendees names:
Bottom Row: Tommy Moore (1), Bobby Clark (2), David Devazier (3), Tommy Clark (4), Troy Clarkson (5), Elmer Leslie (6)
Row 2 (From Bottom) Bobbie Kimble Neal (1), John Riffey (2), Mildred McKinney Watson (3), Barclay Christoper Brown (4), Elizabeth Hamilton Holley(5), Louise Ferguson Lockhart (6) , Becky Cox Tatum (7) , Mary Ann Perry Casey (8) , Judy White Dill (9) , Barbara Davis Humbert (10), Diane Wilson Astin (11)
Row 3 (From Bottom) Richard Peterson (1), Mary Lynn Gilmer Busby (2), Mary Helen Gann Fisher (3), Rosemary Busby Gilmer (4), Beth May Bouland (5), Tera Vanblake Halbert (6), Christine Thomas Jones (7), Terry Hutcherson (8), Ernestine Byrd Wright (9), Louise Jackson Myers (10), Dema Bowen Quintana (11), Laura Casey (12), Jean Hughes Lindsey (13)
Row 4 (Top Row - Some squeezed in Tommy Dearrington next to Peterson.. Tommy Dearrington (1), Nadine Early Swanson (2), Shirley Munn Gore (3), Nancy Cofield Cothern (4), Johnny Mitchusson (5), Stanley Roberts (6), Leon Lachet (7), Joe Kerr (8), Eugene Stephens (9), Burl Lieblong (10), Jean Miller Sackville (11) .

Here are names of classmates who have deceased:Not all graduated, per Bobbie Neal.Thanks
1957 = THOMAS L. BARGERY 17 Aug 1939 15 Jan 2002
1959 Joann Barksdale (Shoemake)Born:5/14/1941 Died Nov.19,2005
1959 = WILLIAM RALEIGH BATTS 23 Sep 1940 Oct 1982
Louise Bean-Teacher-died March 1985
1959 = EDGAR W BORDEN 08 Sep 1940 18 Feb 2000
1958 = Mr.Jerome Bright, 57, of Forrest City, died on Feb.7,1997.
1959 = MARY CATHERINE BRITT McNEELY-31 Aug 1941 15 Jul 1994
1959 = AMY BRITTON CHILDRESS-8/23/41 - June 20, 1968-drowned in Dyersburg, Tenn
= JERRY BROWN-8/30/1941 to Aug.1978
= MARY L CALLAHAN 12 Nov 1940 06 Feb 1994
1958 = JOHN W.CHILDRESS, 64, of Fayetteville died Saturday, Dec. 4, 2004, in Fayetteville.
1959 = NALUP K CHU 29 Sep 1941 26 Feb 1992
1958 = Mrs. Carolyn Marie Clark Simmons, age 63, of Forrest City, died Sunday, Jan. 11, 2004, at her home.
1959 = WILBUR ALLEN CLARK-02 Jun 1941 01 Sep 2000
= John EDWARD COLVIN-5-31-1941 to 9-4-1989
1958 = Mrs. Virginia Cowan-Wilkins, 60, of Wynne, died Thursday, Oct. 12, 2000
1956 = RAYMOND E DAVIS 26 Jan 1938 24 Jan 2001
1956 = GEORGE H DEARRINGTON 04 Nov 1938 23 Jan 1994
1957 = RICHARD HARVEY DEVAZIER 29 Oct 1939 09 Jan 2000
1959 = Mr. Thomas "Tommy" BENTON DeVazier, age 63, of Forrest City, died Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2003, at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis.
1959 = MARTHA DOOLEY BALL-7/27/1939 - 4/4/1998
= BOBBY DOTY 22 Apr 1941 Aug 1969
1959=Ms. Dorris Jean Drew Johnston, age 64, of Forrest City, died Friday, May 6, 2005, at her home
= Mary Pearl Engels, age 91, of Nashville, Tenn., died Sunday, June 15, 2003.
= CLIFTON FLOWERS 04 Sep 1941 Mar 1980
1957 = Mr. Alston Randolph "Randy" Fussell Sr., age 64, of Southaven, Miss., died Monday, March 22, 2004.
1958 = STEPHEN M GATTEN 17 Sep 1939 24 Feb 2005
=JIMMIE GRACEY-07 Sep 1938 Aug 1960 DIED IN USN
1958 Nancy Ann Green (Krablin) Died March 18,2006.
1957 = DAVID A. GUNN 04 Sep 1938 14 May 1999
1959 = DONALD Ray HALL-16 Mar 1941 09 Apr 2001
1958 = Mr.Kenneth Hamilton died in Sacramento,California on May 31,1999 per his son Robbie.
1959 = EDWARD P HAMMONS 17 Jul 1941 29 Nov 1998
1957=Mr. James Stephen Harris age 65, of Forrest City, Arkansas, died Friday, April 15, 2005, at his home.
= Principal Lewis C. Hawley passed away 25 Aug 1990
Marvin Edgar Coach Ed Henderson Jr., 79, died Monday, Jan. 9, 2006, at Regency Hospital in Fayetteville. He was born July 20, 1926, in Brinkley
1958 = Mr. William Arthur Hill, age 65, of Wynne, died Sunday, Feb. 13, 2005, at the Health South Rehab Hospital in Jonesboro
1959 = J W JOHNSON 12 Oct 1939 13 Mar 2003
= SONNY JOHNSON-before 1979
1959 = JAY H JOLLY 13 Jan 1941 15 Feb 1989
1956 = MARVIN V LAWS 27 Oct 1936 12 Mar 1999
1959 = MARY CATHERINE LINDSEY GULLICK-7/4/1941 - 12/7/2000 in Huntsville, Alabama
1956 = BILLY F LONG 11 Jul 1938 31 May 1997
1960=Dr. Mary Jane McDaniel, age 62, of Florence, Ala. and formerly of Forrest City, died Wednesday, May 18, 2005, at the E.C.M. Hospital in Florence, Ala.
=Gene McGee
1959 = Mr. Neel A. Moore, age 63, of Osceola, died Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2005, at SMC Regional Medical Center in Osceola.
1958 = Mrs.Charlene Moore (Munn), 63, died on March 14,2003 in West Memphis,Arkansas.
= Alan Poe
1938=Mr. David E. Pope, age 84, a long time resident of Baton Rouge, La. and Lafayette, La., and also a native of Forrest City, died Sunday, May 29, 2005, in Baton Rouge, La.
= W. K."BILL" RAHMLOW-02 Feb 1941 Aug 1987
= JOHN GANN RHODENIZER- 2/20/40 - Jan 1999
1959 = Wanda Lou Rice Moncrief Born 7/26/1941 at FC - Died Sept 15, 1990 in Texarkana, Texas
1958-Mrs.Viola Riggs (Basque)died April 11,2005 at her home.
1958 = Mrs. Anne Robbins (Wilford), 62, died on March 12,2003 in Laurel,Mississippi. Note:lived in Sugar Land,Texas.
1958 = Edgar Elloy "Ed" Rolley Jr., 64, of Forrest City died Thursday, March 31,2005 at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Forrest City
= CALEB SHAW 23 Dec 1934 Oct 1978
1959 = Harry L. "BUDDY" SHOEMAKE-4-1-1941 to 2-8-1999
1956 = BILLY B SNIPES 10 Jan 1938 16 Aug 1995
1957 = James (Jim) Thomas Steed II of Hot Springs, Arkansas passed away Tuesday, January 18, 2005
1959 = JERRY STEED-4-21-1940 to 12-19-1999
1960 =Walter E. "Stevie" Stevens III Born July 1, 1942 Died Oct. 9, 2003
1959 = HOWARD G. STOTTS-5/29/1941 to 8/30/1994
1959 = GILBERT TAYLOR-3/2/1940 to May 1973
1962 Patsy Sue Taylor Ponder, Born 1944 Died:Oct. 10, 2005,
= Donald B WEBB 05 Sep 1940 01 Apr 1989
1959 = JUDY WHITE-Born 2-9-1941/DIED 9-7-2005

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