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Woodcut Prints

Title - Peace 18" x 18"

This is a large woodcut, printed in black ink. It has 17 chinese characters and tree-like symbols. The top left corner and top right corner are both chinese characters for the word “tree”, the later being a 3500 year old chinese character for tree. The middle left chinese character is of two trees and represents the word “forest” and the middle right chinese character has 5 trees and represents the word “many trees”. The top middle chinese character is the word “rain”, it looks like a flat cloud, and the bottom middle chinese character means “raining in the forest”. The bottom left corner chinese character means “together” and the far right corner chinese character means “flat” (flat like a calm lake). Combining these characters, together-flat, means peace. The other characters are tree-like symbols that I have drawn. The large center character shows a solitary tree and rain. This work has two meanings: the peace one experiences while walking in the forest among trees and peace on earth or world peace.
There are 7 prints in this edition.

Price $180.00

This is a 6" x 18" print, printed in a red-orange color. It is a close-up view of a single tree reflecting in water.
There are 13 prints in this edition.

Price $130.00

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