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Golden Al-Wafi®

Arabic Translator


Version 1.0

Quick User’s Guide


General Specifications:


1. Registration:

Golden Al-Wafi® Arabic Translator can be registered on ONE computer ONLY. You cannot re-register it on another computer. But you can re-register it on the same computer for up to ten times in case something goes wrong with your computer or you re-install Windows®.


Requires Internet Connection for Installation ONLY


2. General Information:



3. Translation:


  1. Press keys (Ctrl-B) together. A new window appears,

  2. Change to the required directory and select text files,

  3. Press large Arrow,

  4. Click on button (Translate).


Translation files (extension .ARB) will be saved in the same directory where the program is installed. However you can save these files in a different directory. To do this:

-Click on (ToolsSettings).

-In the settings’ window click on the small dotted button to change to the directory you desire.

4. Printing English and Arabic text in two columns:

Go to File menu – Print Columns


5. Arabic Vowel points - Harakat:

To display Arabic text with vowel points click on the (Enable Vowels) button on the Menu Bar. To remove them, click on the same button again.


6. Interface Language:

To switch between English and Arabic User’s Interface language click on the buttons (Ar / En) at the bottom bar of the screen. Also you can use the command (ViewArabic/English).


7. Text Box Layout:

To switch between Vertical and Horizontal layout of the English and Arabic text box, click on the box layout icon on the Menu.


8. Text alignment:

To align English text with Arabic text so that all paragraphs on both texts appear opposite to each other then click on F9.


9. Spell Checker:

To check the spelling of English text, go to: ToolsSpelling. Or click on the Spell Checker button (ABC) on the Menu Bar.


10. Dictionaries:

Click on ToolsDictionary or (Ctrl-D).


11. Text-To-Speech:

Click on ToolsRead Text .


Minimum System Requirement:

Arabic Windows 98/2000/ME/NT/XP

32 Mbyte RAM – 64 MByte preferable

30 MB HD

CD-ROM Drive

SVGA Colour Monitor.



Important Note:

Golden Al-Wafi® Arabic Translator is protected against piracy and illegal copying and distribution by the requirement to register your copy with the developer and copyright holder, ATA Software Technology Ltd.- London through their web site at



After Your Successful Registration You Do Not Need Connection to The Internet to Run Golden Al-Wafi® Arabic Translator



Golden Al-Wafi© Arabic Translator

Copyright (©) 2002 ATA SOFTWARE Technology Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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1 Brook Lane Business Centre,

Brentford, Middx. TW8 0PP

United Kingdom

TEL: (++44) 20 8568 2718

FAX: (++44) 20 8568 2738


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Al-Wafiâ is a Registered Trade Mark of ATA Software Technology Limited - UK

Windows® is a Registered Trade Mark of Microsoft® Corporation USA