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The Last Escape

Billy and the Regulators (after the war) went to stinking springs were charlie Bowdre and tom Ofolliard were killed after Garrets posse rode up on them.This is also were Billy was captured and jailed in sante fe new mexico. When Billy was put in the courthouse he friendlyed up to his prison guard J.W Bell. but one of his most hated enemys was his guard to Bob Ollinger. Ollinger kept poking the kid with kis 10 gauge shotgun telling the kid to try to escape so he could fill him up with lead. well once Ollinger went to the town sallon to eat supper Billy asked Bell if he would take him to the outhouse.and the foolish Bell said yeah he would. now the rest is a huge unkown thing. 1 story says that Billy overpowered Bell when they got back to the courthouse.another story says that Billy got a gun in the outhouse.I believe that Billy got the gun in the outhouse(its the most famous story). but Billy waitted untill he got back to the courthouse and waited untill he got on the top stair of the stairwell and pulled the pistol from his shirt and told Bell "I want kill you Bell I dont want to kill you youve been good to me so do what I say and it want happen" about this time Bell paniced and started to pull his shotgun lever back and Billy said "Com'on Bell dont do it" "Bell I aint kiding" "BELL!!!! and Billy shot the deputy as he started to raise his shotgun. then Billy ran to the east window and waited for Ollinger to come runnin' back across the street to the courthouse because he knew everyone in town had to hear the shot. then sure enough here comes Ollinger runnin' and a hollerin' "Did Bell kill'em Bell killed the kid"then Billy took Ollingers own double barrel 10 gauge shotgun (Ollinger was known to load his shotgun shells with dimes and when you shot someone with both barells he'd fill'em with a dollar and 80 cents)Billy took the shotguns barrels and broke the window and hollard out loud with a cheerful friendly voice "Howdy Bob" when Bob Ollinger looked up to see who had said his name Billy gave him both barrels of his own shotgun and then Billy Hollard again and said "Goodbye Bob" "Best dollar 80 I ever spent HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!" then Billy broke his shackles with an icepick saddled a Horse and Hollard as he went out of town "ADIOS AMIGOS HA HA HA HA!!"