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Updated 1-20-05   Welcome to our Web Site.  The reason behind the site is to share our experiences with our 1957 Deadrise, the Lorrie Lynn.  We hope you enjoy the story and photos. The site has been changed somewhat from the original edition.  I replaced the pictures with thumbnails so if you've been here before and wanted a better look at some of the photos, look again.  I also added a link to my (Kat) e-mail.  I got jealous of Hambone getting to talk to people so I added my address.







When you talk about people and boats, there is a distinct group of folks who know what a Chesapeake Bay Deadrise is.  There is even a more distinct group of watermen who have made their living on bay built boats and know something about building them.  When I was still a teenager, I hung around an ol' neighbor name Slim Powell and his two sons, Mike and Richard who fished, crabbed, and messed about on the bay.  We were all the time pulling nets, steaming crabs, and corning spot.  He introduced me to Captn John O'Neal, a boat builder in the neighborhood.  Not to long after,  I started working for Mr. O'Neal building skiffs and scowls and a deadrise here and there.   From that time until now, boat building has been a passion.  Owning a 40' Chesapeake Bay Deadrise was also a dream that never went away.  2002 was the year we were able to put the plan in place and Kat is about to tell the story that followed.

If you have any comments on the boat or the contents of this site, please feel free to send us an e-mail.  We love talking boats, especially when it comes to the deadrise.


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