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Words of Welcome From Our Visionaries

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From Pastor Fred E. Jones Jr

Praise the Lord! It is an honor to have you visit our website and the ministry of The Remnant Outreach Revival Center Church. Indeed, we must say as the psalmist, “…this is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it." We can’t say enough about what God has been doing for us at the Remnant. With preparing to open the church to pressing towards what good has for us. We are humbled by our Lord’s abundant favor, poured out on this ministry since its inception earlier this year. Still, unto whom much is given, much is required, and we are diligently pursuing our mission of taking this great Gospel of life and hope to a restless and hurting world.

We pray that what you find here will encourage you in your own vision ,and truly what he’s has done for us, he’ll do for you! We have found Him to be faithful and can say with boldness that what He starts…He finishes. In fact, what you’re seeing is not a beginning as you may say ,but on the contrary, it’s just the start of a ministry that has already been birthed. It just hasn't walk now she's walking with our Lord and moving to another level! Based on what He’s done so far, we haven't seen nothing yet because the best is yet to come! God bless and remember: When you come to the Remnant you will leave us with this question "How did you feel when you came out the wilderness?" May God bless you is My prayer!

Elder Fred E. Jones Jr

From Elect Lady Lakiesha M. Jones

Praise the Lord Everyone! Let me first start off with my song of praise to let Jesus Christ know that he is worthy to be praised!

You don't know my story
All the things that I've been through
You can't feel my pain
What I had to go through to get here
You'll never understand my praise
Don't try to figure it out
Because my Worship
My Worship
Is for real

I've been through too much
Not to worship him

My Worship is for real

Thank you Jesus
My Worship is for real

Lord I Love you
My worship is For real


This is my story of how God changed my life to be a living witness of how God can make you clean inside. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!