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EZ Mirror Tutorial(CFile2002)

Regarding the glass reflection it is done with the gradient color.

Lets make a mirror.

1. Click on new (400X400)
2. Use the preset shape "Elipse" and make an oval (top to bottom shape): stroke color= dark gray, fill color= light grey; Antialias checked, line width 6
3. with magic wand, click in center & delete. Now, click on ring & with blade pro color it gold. okay
4. click again on the center. Click the flood fill icon. Go to color pallete & click on the gradient. choose the "metallic 2" angle=135 click in the center for the mirror effect.
5. with the center still with marching ants, add a raster layer.
6. put tube in that you want. use the slider on the layer pallete and put at 56.
7. go to selections & select none.
8. add raster layer. Using same tube as before, add tube to new raster layer.
9. go to image & click on "mirror" that will invert the tube to the opposite direction.
10. click on the mover tool '+'... move tube so it lines next to the mirrored image, but outside of the elipse.
11. go to layers tool & "merge all viewable"
12. add raster layer & decorate edge of mirror with a flower etc.
13. add raster layer & with font A add name (I used vector on the font so that I could angle the name.. then converted to raster layer & then put I used the dotted rectangle tool & put the rectangle around the name. then I used the magic wand to put marching ants, then I added blade pro gold effect, then 3d bevelved effect & then added shadow)
14. go to layers tool & merge all viewable. save as gif. Voila.

*******Tutorial is written & owned by ChristaFile79. It cannot be copied & posted under ANY circumstances. A link to this tutorial is acceptable & appreciated. *******