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PI 8 Glitters~ Tutorial written & owned By CFile 79
(please do not copy.. links are appreciated)
(A Great big Thank you to  Cherand220 @ A Personal Touch for her insight re effects!!! One tool & it was easy!!!)

1. open up a blank canvas (400 x 400)
2. choose stamp
3. copy stamp & place exactly on top of first stamp.
4. click on top stamp / layer so you have ants marching.
5. Using eraser tool, erase part of stamp you do not want glittered, leaving areas you want to "glitter".
6. At this point go to layer manager and choose bottom layer stamp &  use effect tool & shadow  original layer.. (I select the first shadow selection & use 5 for x & 5 for Y and change the shadow transparency from 50 to 63 to lighten it up a bit)
7. Add Text to image.
8. add "signage" to  the canvas for finished product.
9. go to edit & click on Duplicate to add another canvas.
10. repeat step 9 to duplicate to have 3 of the same canvas'/images opened.
11. go to first canvas and click on the top stamp layer. (you can highlight this in your layer manager to select it). Then go to Effect > Noise. Set to Monotone & then set at 35. (do the same for your text if you want text to glitter too.)
Note: If you have the sparkle filter you can add sparkles to the items  at this time.
12. Go to Objects> Merge layers as one.
13. Once the first frame/canvas is done, save as image1.ufo .
14. Repeat the same step as 11-12, except on the Noise, change to 45. (save as image2.ufo)
15. Repeat the same step as 11-12, except on the Noise, change to 55. (save as image3.ufo)
16. Go to "Switch" in upper right corner, selecting Gif animation.
17. choose Gif animation wizard.
18. add image1.ufo from hard drive. click on add button adding image 2 & image 3.
19. set frame speed to 10.
20. Edit >Crop Canvas
21. View animation.
22. if your image is the way you want it , Save as .gif file.  Done!!!!!!