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EZ Aqua Letters in PSP7  (By C. File)
Original "Photo Impact" Design by Cherand of Signature Country (Cherand220)

Items Needed:
Font: "Pleasantly Plump" (find font at
Eye Candy4000
Aquatic Tubes (ie: Frogs, starfish, seahorse, fish etc)
Pearl Tube
Animation Pro 3

1. Open up a new transparent canvas (400X400).
2. Use the 'A' tool & Choose Pleasantly Plump font (Background color #43C1C0, Foreground #DDF7FB) [Size= 72 ( Floating & antialias checked] and type name or text.
3. With 'ants' marching,  Click on Effects>Plugins>EyeCandy4000 Bevel Boss
           Under BASIC tab:  Bevel Width = 857.14, Bevel Height Scale= 100, Smoothness=100, Bevel Placement= Inside Marquee, Darken Deep Areas (LEAVE BLANK) Shade Interior= Checked.
           Under LIGHTING tab: Direction=333, Inclination=16, Highlight Brightness= 90, Highlight size=11 , Highlight color=#F2F4F4, Shadow color=#BCE8EC.
           Under  BEVEL PROFILE tab: Bevel Profile= Carve
Click okay after setting Bevel Boss in EyeCandy 4000.

4. Go to Selections (on the top tool bar) ' Select None ' to stop ants Marching.
5. Going to layer pallette, using slider on side of layer 1, set to 80.
6. Go to Tool Bar & choose layers>Duplicate. Click on Duplicate twice so you now have 3 identical layers.
7. Click on Tube Tool. Select tube (ie fish or frog etc. Choose one at this point, and we will use this until it is filled in on the letters we want.) In Layer pallette, make sure your top layer is highlighted. Set tube scale to size 10 step at 200, or size to fit lettering. (each tube needs to be sized accordingly, however 10-13 is usually good.) Place tube in letter  on top layer. (if you want to place it in more than one letter, do this at this time.
8. go to layer pallette... move highlight to second (middle) layer & place tube in different area in letter(s) selected in layer one. 
9. go to layer pallette... move highlight to third (bottom) layer & place tube in different area in letter(s) selected in layers one & two. 
10. Select a different tube. Repeating steps 7-9 until all letters have aquatic items in them. (always starting on the top layer & working down.)

[NOTE: If you need to see where you are placing the tubes, you can "X" the layer in layer pallette you have finished, so you can see your working layer]

11. Once all aquatic tubes are placed on all three layers, choose the pearl tube. You will want to do this in two sizes.. a larger size & a smaller size. Place the pearls again as you did earlier with the aquatic tubes, but making sure that they appear to be air bubbles (ie like the fish is breathing etc.. first placing the  larger ones, and then resize pearl & so it is on all layers sporatically placing the smaller sized one amongst the larger ones. ( Use sizes like 18 for larger & 12 for smaller ones.)
12. when all pearls are placed, with crop tool, crop image to get rid of unwanted space.
12a. OPTIONAL.... Go to each frame & add shadow if you wish to have it stand out.
13. save as a PSP file.
14. Open up file in animation pro. If you want to resize, do so at this time.. got to animation properties on tool bar & resize image to 75% or size you want.
[NOTE: If you resize, you need to export each frame back to PSP to sharpen. Select frame, go to File export to PSP go to effects > sharpen & click on X.. when it asks you to update animation say yes.]
15. Click on tool bar: Edit>Select all.
16. Click on tool bar animation>frame properties set to 45.
17. Click on File>Save Frame as rename file  .psp
18. Click on File>Animation wizard. Follow directions in animation wizard using speed as 45, loop selected & make opaque- color= white
19. save as gif.
20. Upload to storeage site & post to message board.

or by playing with the bevel boss & colors of font you can change the way the letters will look.. here is another example.

I have played a while with the bevel boss & the last example (Pat) is the first one I did  in PSP.. I Liked that one better as the name was shorter, however by far PI is better, but at least it can be done in PSP..

  • For Photo Impact Tutorial in PI :

    EZ Aqua letters (Tutorial in Photo Impact"PI")


    ****Tutorial written & owned by CFile of SKG&T. Link only is permitted.  No copying or posting on any forum or website is allowed without permission.