January 28
9:30 p.m.:

All Fairfax County public schools will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, January 29. Evening activities, extracurricular activities, interscholastic contests, field trips, all adult and community education classes, and recreation programs in schools are canceled. School-age child care centers are closed. Administrative offices are open with a two hour delay and a liberal leave policy in effect. Essential personnel are to report to work.

Review the complete procedures for handling school schedule changes due to inclement weather.

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  • Parents and interested community members may receive emergency messages from the school division by e-mail through the FCPS Keep In Touch program. To register, click on the yellow button that says "Keep In Touch" at the top left of this page.
  • For detailed procedures used in responding to emergency situations, visit the emergency preparedness and support page.
  • For detailed procedures used in school closings, visit the Weather Closing Information page.
  • For more information on school schedule changes due to inclement weather, visit the Weather Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • FCPS Field Trip Guidelines
  • To view a video clip that explains school closings:

    image from video
    Snow Daze
    High resolution (07:28 video clip)
    Low resolution (00:30 video clip)
    Assistant Superintendent Dean Tistadt reviews the considerations that lead to snow closings, including weather conditions in different parts of the county; the safety of students who walk to school; and the condition of school parking lots for students and buses.