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Erwin's Family

Here are pictures of Mom and Dad at the Botanical Gardens, and me and Kenneth with Khavi.

UPDATE: 10/01/04

Ro left Max with us and these are new pics of them two getting along. I'm almost out of space on this page, so instead of taking these down and putting up new ones, I'll just make another page.

Mom and Dad by the lantern

Mom in front of roses

Rosewall 1

Rosewall 2


Khavi in front of the flowers

Me and Khavi

Khavi's pretty eyes

Kenneth and Kahvi at the beach

Khavi's gait

Khavi howling

NEW: Kahvi and Max face off

NEW: Kahvi upper-cutting Max

NEW: Kahvi and Max

NEW: Kill! Kill!

NEW: Kahvi and Pinky