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The Professional domain defines the standards for demonstrating a commitment to professional ethics and growth while supporting the mission of Goochland County Public Schools.

The performance standards, and corelating performance indicators, for this domain are as follows (click the links to see my samples of each indicator):

  1. Maintains a professional demeanor and appearance.
  2. Carries out responsibilities in accordance with established policies, practices, and regulations in a timely manner.
  3. Adheres to ethical and professional standards.
  4. Serves as a positive role model for students and others.

  1. Maintains proper licensure and certification.
  2. Uses self-assessment and evaluation feedback to improve performance.
  3. Participates in appropriate professional growth activities consistent with personal goals and division identified needs.
  4. Explores and applies knowledge and information about effective methods of instruction that enhance student learning.

  1. Builds porfessional relationships with colleagues that foster increased student learning.
  2. Shares teaching methods, materials, research, and insights with colleagues.
  3. Serves on school and/or division committees and supports school activities.
  4. Supports the mission and goals of the school and division and supports community initiatives if appropriate.
  5. Comtributes to the development of the profession by serving as a mentor, peer coach, and/or supervisor to practicing teachers or interns.
  6. Maintains current involvment in professional organizations by involvement in professional organizations and by attending workshops, conferences, meetings and membership.