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Uses self-assessment and evaluation feedback to improve performance.

I evaluate my own performance as a teacher every moment of the day. I do feel that, inevitably, my last class gets the best lesson, as i note what strategies work and what things need to be stated in certain ways to be most effective. I look at my own delivery of instruction with a critical eye during and at the end of each day to do it better the next day. I even find myself reteaching my first class the same lesson twice, and delivering it the way I did to the last class, because the trials of the day has made the delivery of that lesson much better by the end of the day.

I often exchange feedback through formal and informal observations such as these from Ms. Noble, Ms. Mott , as well as observing other teachers such as Ms. Gover. Peer tutors have been used to help focus on weaker students in class and many have offered valuable feedback. I also acquire feedback on ways to teach various lessons in grade level conferences,