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The Assessment domain includes the process of gathering, reporting, and using a variety of data in a consistent manner to measure achievement, plan instruction, and improve student performance.

The performance standards, and corelating performance indicators, for this domain are as follows (click the links to see my samples of each indicator):

  1. Assesses student performance based on instructional objectives.
  2. Continuously monitors student progress before, during, and after instruction through frequent and systematic assessment.
  3. Demonstrates competence in the use of acceptable grading, ranking, and scoring practices in recording student achievement.
  4. Uses multiple assessment strategies including teacher-made, criterion-referenced, and standardized tests.
  5. Uses oral, non-verbal, and written forms of assessment to measure student performance.
  6. Includes information on student participation, performance, and/or products in assessment.

  1. Provides prompt feedback to help students monitor and improve their performance.
  2. Provides meaningful and timely feedback to students and parents about performance and progress.
  3. Communicates and collaborates with colleagues in order to improve student performance.
  4. Collects sufficient assessments data to support accurate reporting of student progress.
  5. Gives performance feedback to students before, during, and after instruction.

  1. Uses pre-assessment data to develop expectations for students and for documenting learning.
  2. Uses results of a variety of formal and informal assessments to plan, monitor, and modify instruction as needed.
  3. Uses a variety of assessments to monitor and modify instructional content and strategies.
  4. Uses student assessment data to identify individual and group learning needs.
  5. Uses informal assessment to adjust instruction while teaching.