National Park Service Soldiers and Sailors Database Listing for 2nd US Dragoons / Cavalry enlisted men.


The attached MS Excel file contains the entire list of soldiers enlisted in the
2nd US Cavalry during the War of the Rebellion (the Civil War) according to the
US National Park Service Soldiers and Sailors database.

You would normally have to go to the NPS S&S web site and slowly view the list
in html format page by page.  I contacted them asking for a breakout of the
database specific to our beloved regiment and I got this back in just a few

Please take note of the following regarding this file and it's contents:
1) The NPS database has this regiment listed in two separate files; one as the
2nd Dragoons and another as the 2nd Cavalry.  This of course is correct as the
regiment was not renamed 2nd Cavalry until August 1861 - a few months after the
conflict began.  I have combined the two files and added some formatting to make
it easy to see the differences.
   a] I added a column on the left indicating which "unit" or file the record
comes from - 2D for 2nd Dragoons and 2C for 2nd Cavalry.
   b] I color coded the records: Orange for 2nd Dragoons and Yellow for 2nd
   c] I then sorted the two lists together by Last Name, First Name, and "Unit".
2) Because of the above combination and due to possible misspellings in the NPS
research and in the original records you will find a fair number of apparent
duplications.  Some occur because the same soldier was on the rolls under both
the 2nd Dragoons and 2nd Cavalry title (remember that it's the same regiment). 
Some occur because the soldier moved from one company to another.  You'll figure
it out.
3) When searching for a name be sure to check alternate spellings.  Example: I
found an O'Burn and an O'Byrne which could be the same man.
4) If you're not familiar with MicroSoft Excel or don't have the program on your
PC I can send you a version in another format such as MicroSoft Access (a
database program and my personal choice), or a MS Word or Rich Text file with
everything placed in a simple table.  You tell me.  Be sure you are careful when
re-sorting this file.  You must highlight all the columns & cells below the first two
rows before doing a sort or you will mis-align the information.

Now - when someone asks us if their Great-great grandfather was in this Regiment
we will have a much better tool to use.

This is why we support the National Park Service.  They remain the most
dedicated guardians of our American history.

The enlisted personnel of the 2nd US Cavalry during the War of the Rebellion (MS Excel Spreadsheet)