To Much

There he sits, with his perfectly combed hair and his bright smile. There sits Satan himself. Drinking his beer, laughing with his buddies. He doesn’t even know that I exist. They say if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. Well in his case I know its true. I remember the first time he ever came to my office. We had a break in the night before and he was the detective sent to investigate. Oh how the ladies all swooned over him. To use their words he was a Greek god came to life. He took special interest in one certain young lady. She was not entirely beautiful in body; she was fairly plain looking with her long straight hair and glasses, but underneath that was an angel. She was the only one who cared enough to try and comfort me after the loss of my father. She gave me a willing shoulder to cry on that dreadful day in the office. I believe it was that very day that I fell in love with her. I was never anyone special. At Christmas no one sent me a card, just a forced “Merry Christmas” was all I received. A few people stopped by to give their condolences but none were really heartfelt. But she cared; I do believe I once saw a glint of a tear in her eye as I wept. She didn’t know my father, actually she didn’t know me, she just cared about a hurting soul. I never was a strong person and could never tell her of my true feelings for her. Then he came along, the big detective bragging about all his glorious cases and huge victories in court. He could spend hours upon hours talking about how he had taken down drug lords, murders, and every scum imaginable. As I once heard someone say, most people can spot everyone else’s sin but their own. It was not long with his wit and charm that he had gotten her to move in with him. She was on top of the world, until the abuse came. I remember the first day she came in with a black eye. She blamed it on a fall but I know better. The abuse became more and more frequent in the following months. She even had to go to the emergency room a few times it was so severe. She always had an excuse, another fall, accidentally cut herself while cooking, fell out of the bed, tripped getting out of the car, it was all stories I had heard before. Then came the blackest day of my life. One day I meet her at the coffee machine and was totally horrified, the glimmer in her eye, the light I had so loved and longed for, was gone. She was the same in body, but not in spirit. He had destroyed the thing that I loved most dear. That’s when it came to me. If he can destroy her, then I will destroy him. There he sits all smug on his bar stool, with his high-class friends, laughing and joking without a care in the world. He doesn’t know that death is coming for him. He doesn’t know that the end is near. For I am death, and I have come to claim his soul. No my friend you wont go down in a big drug raid, or stopping a major crime cartel. Tomorrow the papers will read “ Detective Killed by a Computer Technician”. A nobody, no one ever recognized. No one except a plain girl, with straight hair, and glasses. A girl that you destroyed, a light that you snubbed out. I rise and approach him. He never moves or flinches, he doest know that death is at his door. I tap him on the shoulder. He turns around and smiles. I raise my gun and his world becomes black, as mine goes red.