It was twelve o'clock. There I stood with a smoking thirty-eight in my
hand. I looked down. To my surprise, there laid my life long enemy, Chad
Adkins. I didn't realize that I had killed him for a few minutes. But after
my mind finally kicked in, I realized what I'd just done. Fear grasped my
body in its icy grip. Thousands of ideas ran through my mind like cattle in
a stampede. My first thoughts were to run, but where? I would eventually be
caught. Then I thought of destroying the body, gun, and move to a different
county. No one was around, yet I could feel eyes all over me, like vultures
waiting on their prey to die. I put the body in the bed of my truck under
some tarps, and drove away from that alley, never to return.
     As I drove my memories of Chad rolled through my mind. The first was
when we were kids, how he pushed me around. He would always break my toys
or steal my school supplies. I remember that smile he had, of how I hated
that smile. I don't know how someone could hate a smile, but I did. I
turned on the radio to try and ease the tension. To my utter dismay, they
announced someone had called the police after hearing gunshots in the
alley. Blood and empty 38 shells were found on the scene. Foul play was
suspected. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would get caught.
     I finally arrived at the New River Bridge. I dragged out the body and
tied a cinder block to its neck. Then reality hit me and I realized what I
was doing. I started to untie the rope when the worst thing Chad had ever
done popped into my head. I remember my first love, Alice Lockheart.
Visions flashed through my mind of how Chad broke us apart with his lies
and deceit, just so he could have her. How he had gotten her pregnant and
then left her alone. I remembered how out of grief and loneliness she had
taken her and the unborn baby's life. Then again I saw that smile, that God
forsaken smile, and in a fit of rage and hate I tossed the body off the
bridge into the icy river. I knew his heart would be right at home at the
dark, icy bottom. He would never bother me again, and I began to laugh
hysterically. But then in the in the silence of the night, I could hear his
voice calling me. I ran for my truck. I had lost all control panic and
fear now ruled my body. As I drove away I turned back on the radio, but to
my surprise all I heard was Chad’s voice angrily cursing and screaming for
revenge. I quickly turned off the radio and slammed on my brakes. There he
was beside me, in front of me; he was everywhere I looked. Everywhere I
turned I saw that smile, I knew I had to get away so I slammed down the gas
and clutched my pistol tighter. I wasn't going down without a fight, not
this time. Not ever again. He was beside me. I screamed " I killed you
bastard." and fired, bullets ripped through my passenger side door and the
glass shattered. But he remained, with that hated smile. Then in a flash he
was gone. I turned back to the road and there he stood with that demonic
smile still cursing and swearing revenge. Everything went into slow motion.
I remember screaming, " I love you Alice" as my struck slammed into him.
Blood splattered all around my truck, then everything went black.
     I awoke in a hospital. I was told that I had hit a tree at speeds
approximately 80 mph. The police were waiting for me there. I told them
my actions and the details that followed. They convicted me of murder, but
never believed my frightful tale. I was sent to a mental institution for
treatment. My life is better now, but I still see Chad in my dreams,
screaming for vengeance. I wonder if I will be haunted by this presence
forever? I found in the Bible Ten Commandments given to the world. One is "
Thou shall not kill". I learned this as a child. Now, I finally know the
outcome of breaking this commandment.