Realm of the dead...and what should have stayed dead.


Sleepy Hollow.

Reviewed by: Kamikaze

Flashback to 1998. Two of my friends and I are in Bluefield to watch "SouthPark the Movie". We get through the normal boring previews, then something catches my eye. Its Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp. I thought "O boy another suck film about why life stinks". Then in a second my world changed. I sat in awe of the brilliance that was the Headless Horseman. I have always been a fan of the old Washington Irving tale, so I was really looking forward to this. Well just say I wasnt disappointed. I loved it from start to finish. Everybody knows the story so I wont go into details about it. Ill just say it keeps enough of the old tale, but adds a ton more. One of my most memoriable MST3000 moments was during this film. One of the characters say "Here we are all kith and kin" and I turn to my friend and say "EWWWW imbreds", to which I got the dirtiest look from two young woman in front of me.

Favorite scene: I think they took some cues from the "Evil Dead" series. Anytime there is blood on the screen I guarantee it will end up on Ichibods face.

Worst scene: My only fault with the film was the death of a young child. Now Im a fan of carnage just like everyone else, but I hate to see small children hurt in any way.

Favorite Death: When the horseman comes for Kats dad who is hiding in the church. He cant touch holy ground so he makes a spear from a fence post and drags him out the window.