Realm of the dead...and what should have stayed dead.


The Others.

Reviewed by: Kamikaze

I been wanting to watch this film for awhile now, but never took the time to. Tonight though I had time to kill so I thought "what the hey" I 'll watch it. Im glad to say I was not disappointed. My best way of describing the movie is this. Its not gory like "Evil Dead", but unseen like "6th Sense". The movie goes forever before it gets really into the "horror", and then its not much. A lot of noises and shadows are the bulk of it. Normally these would bore me to death, but I enjoyed it. The story sets around a mother and her 2 children. The kids are allergic to light, so they have to keep all the windows and doors shut. I didn't catch the very beginning, but when I did they had just hired three housekeepers. Its not long before the girl starts talking about seeing people, to which the mother doesn't believe her. Which is typical in every movie ever made. In any horror situation always believe your kids and you'll live longer.Finally the mother starts to hear things, while watching doors and windows open and close on their own. I will end with this. It has one of the best endings I have seen in a loooooooooooooooooooong time.

Favorite scene: The ending ruled. It completly caught me off guard.

Worst scene: The whole part with the husband. It wasnt bad, just boring.