Realm of the dead...and what should have stayed dead.


13 Ghosts.

Reviewed by: Hiro Madsine

Well we start out with a scary bunch of people in special suits in a car graveyard. Under the command of this evil man with an evil plan. They end up catching the ghost but the man gets killed with plenty of others not including his assistant who is a hell cool. But then again Mathew Lillard couldn’t play any maniacal part well. So they cut to this family and it happens to be the relatives of the evil elder man. They are brought to the house and told they now own it and they have to spend the night as part of the wishes written in the WILL. They decide it is ok and then Mathew Lillard shows up and says there’s nothing wrong and starts looking around for money due to the benefactor had not paid him prior to his decease. They later find out that because of the greed of the lawyer they are trapped in a jail for the priorly imprisoned ghosts. There are 13.. Yes 13 of them, and sadly one of them is the living imprisoned’s wife and mother of the children. They end up finding that the uncle the relative is also in the house but not one of the 13 as if you’d have known prior to the spooky entrance of his spirit in the last quarter of the movie. There are several very evil and deadly ghosts loose and they are trying to kill the family to open a gate to hell ends up that the way to save his children the father has to jump into the gate and hang onto them however this is supposedly the thing that opens the gate. However it is all hoakie story all the parts about Satan giving these instructions is false but the intelligence to have made such a correct plan could have only been a genius’s thought. I thought it was a very annoyingly evil and heart clenching movie not suited for haunted movie lovers everywhere it’s more like the movie “ghost” than the movie “ghosts of mars.” I’d have to say the visual effects are pretty well done but they needed a plot change. The best death was the lawyer at the first quarter of the movie when he is cut in half in the style of the movie “The Cell” it also seems to be the best part cause lawyers are always sucky people. The worst scene can nearly stop the movie before it starts at the beginning when the evil uncle dies it was a lame scene I need not say more.

Second opinion by: Kamikaze

I had heard alot of bad press about this movie, but late one night I thought Id give it a chance. I think some of the visual effects were really good. I also liked the fact that you couldnt see the ghosts without special glasses. It gave it a different feel than most movies, and added a real aspect of fear because you never knew what was around. One of the bad points is it starred the american pie chick and she kept her clothes on for the whole movie. Sucks major she'll strip for some teen movie but not horror???? Whats this world coming too? There are not really alot of deaths in this movie. Most are at the beginning. What is there is awesome though.

Favorite scene: I liked the different ghosts. I dont remember them all, just one naked chick with slit wrists, a freak in a cage, and a humongous guy with nails all though his body.

Worst scene: All the bull crap talk though the movie. I kept thinking someone just shut up and die.

Favorite Death: Again I agree with hiro. The lawyers death was the greatest. Cut in half by glass. No not side to side, top to bottom. One part falls away while the other is stuck there.