Hotel Haunts

This is where I work. I wont release the name, but if you live around here you know where it is{because its the only hotel in town}. I will start with a little history of the location. Sometime back in the early 1900's there was a hotel here {I think, I wasnt around then}, it for some unknown reason burned down. The lot remained vacant for sometime. I dont know for how long, but the old hospital was eventually built. It remained open until the mid 1980's when the present day hospital opened. Some doctors used the offices for a couple of years, but by the mid 1990's, it was permantley shut down. Well starting in 98 the hospital was completly leveled and my glorious place of employment was built. I am often asked if the place is haunted, I myself have had no real occurances of the supernatural. Most can be explained away, some cannot. I will post more stories as they happen, or I learn them.


Walking around, but no one is there.

This actually happened to me a few weeks ago. I was doing what I do best, sitting around talking on the net. I kept hearing someone walk through the doors, but when I would look I couldnt see anyone. This went on for quite awhile. Sometime later one of my friends came in to shoot the bull a bit. As we sat here, he looked around the corner. I asked what was up, and he told me he thought he saw someone standing there. Eventually he left and the breakfast crew shows up. As I am helping her I hear the sounds of someone walking around in the lobby again. I go and check it out, nothing. I walked all down the hall and looked in every open room, but couldnt find anything. UPDATE: One of my friends and exemployee was reading my sight and he informed me that on one of his visits he witnessed the same thing. He kept seeing something out of the corner of his eye but when he would look it would be gone.

Cries of the dead...

A co-worker of mine told me this story. It takes place back between the time of the hospital closing, and it finally being torn down. During this time security guards were hired to maintain the building, and keep out the trouble makers. One of these officers was a friend of a friend. He relayed this too me. He said that he had to walk the halls and check all the rooms every so often. He was always worried about one certain room. It was the pedatrics department. He told me that some nights when he walked in he could hear babies cries echo through the room even though it was always empty.


Windows of the souls...

This is another story told to me by a different co-worker. It takes place during the same time as the last story. After the closing of the hospital, but before it was torn down. One night her daughter and some friends decided to come by and visit her boyfriend who at that time was working security at the hospital. After the usual teenage fanfare they decided to do some exploring around the vacant building. They walked from room to room, floor to floor, until they got to the third floor. The story goes that as they searched one room, one of them looked out the window and spotted a man looking back at them. Remember though this was three floors off the ground. After the inital scream and lets get the {censored} outta here they all ran. My co worker told me that when her daughter arrived home she was white as a ghost and had all the lights in her car on. It took her three weeks to ever go into a room, or even sleep with the lights out. Alot of my co workers still say the third floor is haunted. I myslef have witnessed the elevator going up and down, with no one being aboard. One paticular night I remember the elevator coming down, the doors opens, but noone is aboard. Before I realize it I said " I dont blame ya for coming down, they are getting on my nerves too".

This is a pic of the third floor window and hall.

Just passing through...

This is not a very scarey story, but its neat none the less. A couple of nights ago I was making a pot of coffee, between the hours of 4 and 5 I guess. I turned around to throw some stuff in the trash when I heard a noise. I turned to see the coffee pot rocking back and forth like someone had bumped it. In the very second it took me to turn I also heard a noise in the breakfast room, as if someone had bumped some glass coffee cups I had placed on the bar. To me it was as if I had cornered whatever it was, and it made a mad dash to escape when I turned. Not very freaky, but true.

Bumps in the night.

I donít know if you could count this as a true ghost story, but it is strange. Some time back we had a sports tournament, and a hotel full of 13-18 year old boys. As usual I had to work both my job and security to protect the little slime balls from themselves. Every hour or so I had to walk the floors, check the halls for damage, and listen for excessive noise. When I would be on the second floor all the noise was above and below me. It was the same on the third and fourth floors. Strange thing is there is no fifth floor, but I always heard noise coming from it.