Spirits of Home.

A new story or two.


Working in a coal mines. Going down, down, down.

For those that don't know. I have for the last two years been employed at a deep shaft mines. In my time here I have uncovered some strange situations. Often times while working I'll get the feeling someone is behind me, but when I turn no one is there. In most situations this can be explained away, but a few times I am alone in a locked room. No way in or out. I was talking with the boss in the hall between the bathroom and outer hallway. I got the feeling someone walked past me and stopped talking. My boss asked me what was wrong. I told her someone just walked past. She told me I was working too hard and to take a break. One day I was cleaning the walls in the boot wash. For those that don't know. A boot wash is just a big hole in the floor with a grate over top. Miners coming from under ground will wash the crud off their shoes and down the drain. While I was working I heard the floor squeak and felt it move. I stopped my pressure washer and turned, but no one was there. There is only one way in and out of that area and I could see both easily. Then one day my assitant and I were setting up a buffer to clean the bathroom floor. He went to get a few cleaning supplies we forgot and I went to the can. All of a sudden I heard a crash and ran back into the room. The floor buffer was laying on the floor. Now for those who haven't seen a floor buffer I'll give a brief description. Its built like a lawn mower but instead of a blade it has a big heavy sideways wheel that takes a pad and polishes the floor. Its almost impossible to tip back to put the pad on. Let alone to be thrown to the floor. Last but not least my assitant and I both watched a door open and close, open and close. The wind was not blowing and there was no suction to create it. I've talked it over with my boss and she thinks Im smoking too much ganja. She informed me that no one has died in that part of the mines. I know for a fact of two deaths at the other mine entrance, and I bet there have been many more underground. Mining is not a good life and people who's lives have been snuffed short may not be ready to leave.

Help me I'm dead and I cant get up.

Sometime back I was talking with a friend of mine who works part time at our local hospital. I asked him if he ever had any strange occurances.He told me they once had a man in ICU, but he wasn't critical so he could bath himself. Problem was the ICU had no bathtubs, so they took him to the 5th floor which was unused. As the man bathed he and his partner waited outside. Out of no where the "call" button came in. They both just looked at each other and dismissed it. Again it came in. They shut it off and waited. Both watching the button when once again not only it came on, but everyone on that floor. Security had to be called in to unlock the doors so they could shut them off. {Editors note:} A few of my family worked as nurses at both the old, and new hospitals and they all confirm the same story. The call alarms would go off, but the rooms would be empty. I asked if it could be a short in the system and they informed me that it couldn't.

Dancing dead.

Once again do not quote me on this one. I was told this by an old co worker and cant verify it as truth. Still makes a good story though. Sometime ago a husband and wife were killed in a car accident. They were both pretty young so it was a bad situation. For years this girl and another had an ongoing feud with a pink flamingo. Every Halloween they both set out a ring of dancing ghosts, and every year one would stick a flamingo in the center. The other would find it, wait till it got dark, and place it in the others yard. Well as I stated before one was killed sometime near Halloween. The other set up her ring of ghost as usual, but woke up one morning to find a pink flamingo stuck in the center of them.

What awaits thee.

One of my closest and oldest friends passed away about a year ago. While I was remembering him, I remembered a story he once told me. He said one of his great uncles was a pretty bad man. He died and sometime after the funeral everyone was at the homestead moarning. Sometime during the night the door flew open and he was standing there. He said he looked burned and smelled of smoke. He told them he was sent to hell and for them all to straighten up to avoid his fate. Then the door closed and he was gone.

Bump in the road.

I dont know many details to this story. My father told me a friend of his use to walk out of his hollow late at night, to get drunk/other things. He told dad that on many nights he and his friend would see what looked like a body in the road, but as they approached it would disappear.

Trying to get a head in life.

Everyone knows the Washington Irving tale of Sleepy Hollow. Im sure almost everyone has watched the movie, either Disney or otherwise. Local legends abound with stories of headless men roaming the hills and hollows. One such story comes near my uncles home in Rosencamp hollow. My dad told me when he was younger people use to watch a headless man on horseback ride down the road past my uncles old saw mill. Another states he was seen in what we call the school house hollow,while another tale came from my ex brother in law who stated he went past his home at Miller Creek every now and then. I must admit I learned this tale while spending the night there. I never took my eyes off the front door, or looked out the window.

Im still watching you.

Another story from my sis's part of the world. Rumor has it that the old Honaker high school principle still walks the floors of his school. Some report seeing him, while others smell his tobacco. I asked my sis about this and she said it was true. She had heard the same story too.

Dont walk on the tracks.

Near where my sister lives at Swords Creek. There are stories of a girl who walks the railroad tracks. Rumor has it she is very pale with dark circles under her eyes and a bonnet in her hair. I asked my sis about this one too, but she had never heard it. She gave me a good telling off though because she travels right beside those tracks in the dark alot. I wanted to test this one, so as I returned from taking my nephew to the movies I went down that road. Daring anything to appear. "I was running on adreniline from Xmen 2 and Linkin Park". Nothing happened though, dont know if that is good or bad.

Someone is home, but who?

*NOTE* names have been changed, and this isn't the most terrifying nor best of ghost stories but its a true story. This happened to a friend and I a few years back. I was spending the night at his house. His folks where gone to to visit some family or something and had left us alone pretty much all night. It was fairly routine and was no big deal having the house all to our selves. Slowly but surely the day passed and changed into night, every thing seemed normal as we sat playing video games. When we heard the dog start barking, door open (its a very loud door squeaks creeks and chimes you cant mistake its sound). We hear his folks come in start talking turn on the Tv and various other common noises. We even made the comment of "Well their home, wonder how long it'll take them to come in here?". Sometime passed as we finish up our game and slowly forget about them coming in. We finish the game and get board so we decide to give "Fred" a call and see what he's into. This is where it gets a tad strange. We walk into the living room to call and notice the rooms dead as a corpse and about as quiet. No tv on. No lights and NO PEOPLE, only thing that filled the room was silence. Which was quickly filled with panic and fear. "Hey didn't your folks come home?" "yeah why?" "where are they where are they then!?". We decide to call "Fred" and get him up here A.S.A.P. By the time we tell him the story and he gets there, the parents had already arrived. We asked them if they had came back and left to maybe explain what happened. They said "no". That concludes the tale.....to this day its not been explained what was heard...

Ghost in the machine.

Windows and Microsoft are evil but this takes the cake. I was told by the owners of a compaq that they had been hearing strange sounds and voices coming from the room the computer was in but when the room was checked it was found to be empty and the computer off. They thought maybe it was a demon. At first the only demon I saw was windows. Looking at it the problem seemed easy to fix but as I got deeper into it, and started working on it I keep running into more and more "troubles". Almost as if the computer didn't want to be fixed. I finally got fed up and decided to just format the blasted thing. Thats when it deleted its own CD-ROM drive (it did so from "safe-mode" also..it had already deleted its mouse earlier making things difficult),but finally I got it formated and fixed. I discarded the idea that a "demon" had caused the problem, until the next time I talked with the owner of the machine. He told me later that night he was sleeping in the living room. He was awakend by strange sounds and voices coming from the room the computer was located. Out of nowhere he heard the sound of a computer booting up. He looked into the room.....and looking back at him was the Windows 98 screen powering up.


There is an old abandoned house in Dismal. It lies beside a place where Jewell stores its extra coal. It was owned by some Matneys {mom,son,daughter,and grandbaby} until sometime last year when the son died in the house. They lived there aproximatley 3 months or so after and then dissappeared. I had passed it alot but never paid any attention to it. One night on my way to work I noticed something strange. It seemed to me that a light was on in there. A few days later my exgirlfriend and I passed it again and I mentioned it to her. She said on one occasion she came by it and the front door was open, on her way back the door was laying on the ground as if it had been knocked down. Then on a return trip the next day it was normal. After hearing of this I had to drive by it once again on my way to work. This time I saw nothing unusual except as I passed my gas petal got hung for about 3 to 6 sec then released. Its probably mechanical errors but it was still wild..

Why did the ghost cross the road?

A couple of years ago I got to know the lady that delivered our papers. One night I was telling her about the spooky things that happen around here. She told me that in the years she had been delivering papers, there was one spot where she was always afraid. Not every night, but frequently she would witness a black figure running out in front of her, but as she approached it would always disappear. The location is not far from the hotel, but I have never witnessed it. As far as I know I have never heard or read any accounts of anyone dying in the road there.

Lights in the cellar.

Heres a nice spooky story for all the "Evil Dead " fans. Back some time ago, my cousin and I had cleaned out my old cellar to make a place to hang out. Its not exactly a cellar, just a room built on the back of the house to store canned foods and such. It is one of the oldest parts of the house, and has shelves running along the sides, and a box in the back to hold potatos and things. We used it for awhile. Until one day we'd been outside goofing off, we came in and I noticed the light was on. I told my cousin, and as soon as the words left my mouth, the light went out. As you can tell we never used that room as a hangout again. Mom once told me that it was the former owners "prayer spot" and she probably didnt care for our rock music. I figure it was my dads cheap wiring, but I dont plan on finding out anytime soon which.

Demons await thee, at death.

These next two stories come to me care of my bud Al. A story his grandfather told him. He knew a friend that was near death. He was real jerk in life, so at his death bed he would say stuff like "They�re out there waiting on me. What ever you do don�t let them in I don�t want to go yet, whatever you do don�t let them in.". "They said they would be back for me at 2'O Clock, I know I cant get away from them." At 2'O Clock that day he passed away...many think he had saw demons come to take him to hell right before death. (editors note) I have heard this story myself a few times, and actually meet many people who claim they were present during these events. One story states the man kept asking to be pulled up because his feet were in the flames. Another is of a woman who screamed for help, to have the chains removed that demons were using to drag her down to hell.

Spirit from PETA.

The way his grandfather tells it. It took place back around the 30's back when horse And wagon where still common in the poorer areas Jack and 2 of his friends Where Hauling some cargo by Mule and Wagon...the weather had been rainy so the roads had degraded into a bog...the wagon being over loaded got stuck in the muck and was to heavy for the mules to free...Jack not being the kindest soul to walk the earth resorted to beating the mules out of frustration trying to get them to pull the wagon out, nearly to the brink of death. Jay decided maybe if they could get some leverage they could free the wagon. He then went into the forest in search of some lumber strong enough to handle the job. Jack continued to beat the mules until finally a very large man dressed in a black overcoat with long golden (Blonde) shoulder length hair came upon the travelers. He informed them that he would get the mules unstuck and to stop beating them. Jack feeling the man should mind his own business took insult to this and threatened to give the man the same beating he had given the mules. Bob stepped in and talked him into letting the man gives it a try. "Might as well let him make a fool of himself before we beat him down" with that done the man un-hitched the mules and single handedly pulled the wagon out. After freeing the wagon the man walked over and lifted Jack up by the throat. He then scowled, "Its a good thing you boys didn�t jump me, ever beat those mules again and I�ll kill you" than slung him to the ground. At that same time Jay came out of the woods and saw the wagon free from the muck and asked Bob how they had gotten it out...Bob replied with "That guy over there pulled it out!" pointing to where the man once stood, but there was no-one there.... safe to say Jack never resorted to beating his animals after that.

Whos that walking past my window.

Alot of us in this area started off as security guards. Spooky tales are always a requirement from such people. Mining is a hard, and very dangerous profession. There have been many deaths and many more lives ruined because of it. Which makes it a natural place for spooks and specters. I've gotten alot of stories as of late from people who worked these places. One tale goes as such. One night a close friend of mine was guarding a mine when someone walked past both windows and his door toward the mine shaft. He got up to investigate, since no miners were on premises at that time. When he got to the door it was dead quite, and not a soul around. There was no place for anyone to hide or go. They just disappeared.

He left work, a week after he died.

One of my buds worked security at a truck mine for a few years. During this time one of his co-workers were killed. Sometime after the incident, he's boss was working late with paperwork and such. He walked out for some fresh air, and saw movement in the mine. He watched a figure walk out, stretch, and then disappear. It was the same figure of the man who died, just a short time before.

Nod of a light, from the otherside.

One of my old bosses relayed this story to me. Her brother works at a haunted mine. They call the ghost "Charlie", and it is said that sometimes when your working, someone will walk past and nod their hat at you. Thing is most of the time he was alone in that section of the mine.

Jogging with the dead.

Now dont quote me on this one. Ive asked around and cannot find anyone who can verify it for me. Im desperate though so I'm using it anyway. When I was still in school there was a rumor of a spirit that ran the track at one of the schools. They say at night the scoreboard would come on and the sprinklers would start. If you were on the track at the time you would spot a ghost running round the track. I later found out that the sprinklers and scoreboard were both on the same breaker so when the sprinklers kicked on, so did the scoreboard. What gets me is, Ive always been told to exercise, but it looks to me like it didnt do him any good!

Leave my land.

My first ghost story, told to me by my loving father. When I was small we use to squirrel hunt and target practice in Rosen Camp hollow. Dad told me that sometimes a woman could be spotted walking around the hollows and valleys. Why I dont know, there was an old house we called the " matney place ", and the original Street graveyard. It was all strip mined in the early 90's, so all these old places except the graveyard are all gone. I wonder if the spirit is too?

Baby cries no more.

This is a story that was posted on my old page, so I will try and repost it now. A friend of mine told me when she was a child she lived in what is now Lee Master. She stated that on many occasions you could hear the cries of a baby outside, but when you went out it would always stop. The way I remember it; this went on for years until one day some children were playing in the dirt, digging with their toy trucks, when one dug up an old jar. Inside the jar were the remains of a baby. Her father witnessed it with his own eyes. I believe as the story goes, a woman had a miscarrage, and had put the baby in a jar and buried it. After it was discovered the cries stopped forever.


Were being followed.

Ive heard this one quite a few times from different people. According to legend if you cross the mountain between Dry Fork and Youngs Branch on certain nights a car will appear behind you and follow you all the way across. Right as you come to the paved road though it will always disappear. Ghost or redneck idiots? I dont know, but I wont cross that road at night. Id hate to break down and have to flag down a ride. Whos knows who or what is driving the next car around the mountain.


Screams from the past.

A good friend of mine told me this one. Many years ago she had some troubled neighbors in Hurley. They constantly fought and were at ends. As the story goes one night he had his wife and her younger sister over. They were seperated at the time, and trying to reconcile. He wanted her to bring their baby too, but she refused and left it with her mother. Sometime that night they started arguing again. After a few hours of heated debate he pulls out a knife and stabs his wife. He then rapes and kills her younger sister. With all the screams someone calls the cops. As they arrive he flees the house and begins running up the creek to escape, with all the neighbors dogs chasing him. He was eventually caught and convicted, and is still in jail if memory serves me correctly. They say that on the day of the anniversary at a certain time you can hear the screams of the women, then the sounds of water splashing and dogs barking. As though someone is running up the creek. I asked her if it had happened again this year, but she was away on vacation so well never know.


Whos that in the window.

Ive got plenty of stories on this old place and when my new camera comes in, I plan on taking some pics of the grounds where it stood. This story happened to a friend of mine's sister. On top of Hoot Owl mountian at one time stood what we called "the castle". It was an old house made of stone. Two stories high, and spooky as a moon lit graveyard. He told me one night his mom and sister were crossing the mountian and had just passed the old house when his sister asked his mother "Who was that in the window?". Her mom knowing it had been abondoned said "Noone has lived there for years?". She kept insisting that she had seen someone though. When they arrived home, as any child will do when it cant get help from one parent, she went to the other. She told her dad of the man watching them through the window. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped. You see he knew the man that lived there, and killed himself there, and she had discribed him too a tee.