Tales from abroad.


These are stories that were found on the net, told by others, or posted in the ghostbook. They are not local to me, so I cant check them out.


A visit with the beyond.

Anyway, according to my mom on the night I was born my great-grandma and great-grandpa came to see her in the hospital late at night when everyone else had gone home for the day. I guess she didn't think it unnatural, since they'd always wanted great-grandkids and I was the very first, and she was totally thrilled to see them so she didn't think it odd that they were there I guess. But anyway they chatted away for a while and then after a while they left and she fell asleep. This may not seem like much of a ghost story, except that my great-grandma and great-grandpa both died three years before I was born.

Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?.

One time at Vons (Mostly a california store, but it's always known as safeway) when I was a small child I was walking down an isle where nobody else was. I thought I heard something behind me, as I turned I saw down the isle a bottle of Grey Poupon slide from it's shelf, hovering inches away from the shelf itself and then drop itself to the ground. I just kinda stood there, my mom came up behind me and asked if I broke the bottle. I just kinda stood there...shook my head no...and my mom went and ask for someone to clean it up.

Bathroom Spooks.

This house was built back in the early part of the century, I don't know exactly which decade but somewhere between the 1920's and 1940's. The basic floor plan for a house built in this time period in Florida; they're very much open, lots of big windows and pretty high ceilings. Well I don't know anything about the history of the house before we moved into it in 83 or 84, but it sure was creepy at times. The epicenter of creepyness always occured in the bathroom, which was attached to the master bedroom. On many many occasions while either using the restroom or showering, I saw objects, usually just a blur in a semi-human shape or something in the corner of my eye. I would hear the floor creak or wind through the closed window when there was no wind outside. When I was around 6 or so, I asked my mom about it, and she confirmed that she also saw the same mysterious objects in the bathroom. Honestly, nothing that I have found could explain it, and I'm not one who really believes in such stuff. So this has always bugged me.

Out the Window.

My House, Forest City NC When I was about 7 years old, my dad commited suicide out in our back yard. Well, after that, I was so scared to go down in our basement after dark or anything like that. At the time, we were going to an Interdenominational church, and this lady named Nelly came to our house to annoint it with oil, thinking there might be evil spirits still there....the ones that made my dad kill himself. Well, she was going through the house, saying where she felt evilness...and she would pray, annoint it with oil and move on. Well, we went to my parents bedroom...and I sat down on my dad's side of the bed. There is a window right above his night stand. Well, Nelly said she felt something and started praying....well about that time, she and I looked towards the window, and I had a horrified look on my face. Mom looked at me then at Nelly and said, "WHAT!" Nelly looked at me and said, "Brittany, did you see something?" I nodded and said, "Yes...it jumped out the window." Nelly then looked at my mom and said, "She just saw an evil spirit, I was praying and it jumped out the window..." After she prayed, I can now go down into the basement without being scared....but, I can still sense evil.... .

Children on top of the stairs.

Limestone College, Gaffney S.C When I was in high school, we used to have band camp at this college called Limestone College in Gaffney S.C. Well, right in the middle of campus, there is this old abandoned chapel. The story goes...that there were these two little girls playing on the stairs, running up and down them. Well, one thing lead to another and they ended up mad at each other...so one of them pushed the other down the stairs...and she twisted her neck and died. From then on...she was said to haunt the chapel. Well, this guy named Rick was telling all the freshman this story one year and we were all huddled in front of the church at about 10 at night...looking up at the massave construction. It was a full moon that night...and the chapel had a glass ceiling over the stair case. Right in front of the stair way, above the front door, what a huge picture window...where you could see the stairs from the walkway, where we were all standing... Well, you could barily make out the stairs from the moonlight. All of a sudden...this blue figure walked across the top of the stair case. I KID YOU NOT! I saw it with my own eyes! It scared me so bad, I screamed and ran...but I wasn't the only that saw it! When I saw it...this guy named Corey was like.....OH SH@T. And ran back towards the dorms where we were staying. After that....he started crying...and it took us all a long time to calm down. Needless to say, that was the last time I stood in front of the church to see the little girl. Everytime I have to go back to the college, I am still a little leary of walking by the chapel.... .

USS Spooks.

One of my friends told me this Navy story. She said while working on an aircraft carrier she witnessed a man in old Navy fatigues working on some pipes. Later she inquired of who it was and they informed her it was "just one of the ghosts". Another of her crew kept complaining that he couldn't sleep on that ship because ghost kept coming to him and talking to him at night.

Hitchin a ride....hitchin a ride.

I hope I tell this correctly. I was half asleep when it was told to me. One of my buds was telling me he had been on one of his frequent trips out of town. On his way home he passed a hitch hicker. Now the way he tells it, this is out in the middle of nowhere. You know the type trees everywhere, and curvey as a snakes back. He told me it was wierd because the man looked him straight in the eye, even though it was night time and he had his lights on. It kinda freaked him out so he just kept going. He goes alittle further down the road and there is the same guy, thumbing a ride. Now he is really freaked so he keeps going. Another curve and there is the same man thumbing. He yells out " I dont pick up hitchhikers" as he drives by, and never sees the man again. To say this is true or not I dont know. He is known for making up stories "hitchhiker at Page? Shadows in my house?" He knows what I am talking about.

Looking for love, in all the wrong places.

The ghost of a young woman haunts the Martha Washington Inn at Abingdon. Believed to be looking for her lover. The tale I know goes that he was a soldier during the Civil War. He was wounded and she treated him until death. Not much later, she herself died from sickness. Ive also heard tales of a ghost horse standing outside waiting on its master. I actually scared one person out of staying there with this story. {Editors Note:} I spoke to my manager about these. He told me they were all bogus. The hotel used them as a plot to bring in guests. He should know. He worked there for years.

Rocking my baby, all night long.

When I was younger we lived in an old queenslander. These houses are from way back in the 1800's they were good because they had alot of windows. Early century open plan living I guess. Anyway one night at about 2:00 in the morning my baby brother was crying. It had been going on for a while so I decided to get up and check on him. When I arrived I noticed that my mum was sitting with him by his cot and he had stopped crying. So I went back to bed for more sleep as you would at 2am. When I woke in the morning mum and I were talking about how much he cried and she thanked me for going in and stopping his crying. I told her that it wasn't me she was the one in there. To this day we still don't know what or who it was....we have since moved out.

The lights are on, but is anyone home?

There is on old house in Abingdon, its not in bad shape to say it has been abandoned. For the last two years though no one has lived there. One night a friend of mine was driving past the house and noticed in one window a light was on and the room looked to be fully furnished. But when he got home he asked and no one had moved into the house and as far as it was known the house was empty of all furnishings. I know its a cheap story but its all I got.

Whats that in the road.

My friend had this experience many years ago. She told me that she had promised to attend a halloween party over in West Virgina. Being that she had to work late, she didnt get to leave till way after sundown. Her and a friend were about halfway there when they saw a man just shambling down the road. He was in a curve and she almost went into the ditch to avoid hitting him. Her friend looked at her and told her to turn around and go back to tell him to get out of the road before he gets killed. So they turned around and went back, but as they approached her friend lost his nerve and rolled his window up, deciding its best to just leave him alone. They once again turned around to go to the party, and passed this man still just shambling down the road. This time she took enough time to get a good look. She stated his skin was pale as death, but his hair was fiery red. She then went on to the party, where her friend told the others of there encounter. They were immedialty told that the spirit was of a man who had gotten drunk one Halloween night, and as he walked home he was killed in that very curve. Every year he appears in the spot, shambling down the road, never to get home.

Weeping Statue.

I posted this on another sight but didnt get credit for it. Someone once told me that on halloween night near Pikeville college there is a graveyard. In that graveyard stands a statue that faces the town. On that night it turns its back on the town. There are a few stories about it. Some say its the statue of a mother, on one halloween night its baby was stolen from it. Others say the baby was destroyed. I myself dont care, first statue that turns its back on me, wont be seeing me around again to snob.