site updates (saturday, december 17th, 2005):

Hello again. I think I remember you. It's the twelfth month of 2005, 2006 will be here before you know it.

Enough chit chat, I know you're dissatisfied with the lack of updating. I'm trying my best to make do with free HELPFUL services available on the internet. If there is anything you feel you could possibly help me with to speed up the completion of this website, I'd love for you to do that. Email me, my address is at the bottom. Due to the recent inactivity of creative thought throughout this whole year, I haven't written as many songs lately. Therefore, I am here now to update this site with all the new songs that I HAVE written. My apologies to those who actually visited this site expecting an update within the past year. I told you "keep in contact, but don't lose sleep," simply because I'm embarrassed that this thing I started back in 2003 would be done by now. Hopefully, and I mean that this time, this thing will be up and running soon so I won't have to come on here and have a lot of stuff to do when I want to update. And maybe then, I can just update when I have new songs.

This site is, as you can see, under constant construction.

Do check back often. Don't forget to sign the guestbook below.

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Have a fantastic Christmas & an exciting New Year!!
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